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Why do the Arabs in the Middle East hate the state of Israel so much?

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    Because Israel is illegaly installed on Arab lands, and because of its policies against Palestinian Arab people.

    Israelis claim about the legacy of its establishment is rested on the following lies:

    1) UN gave the Jews that land;

    That claim is not valid because:

    1-The United Nations was not competent under Internaional Law to partition or otherwise dispose of the territory of Palestine against the wishes of the clear majority of its inhabitants.

    2-The Partition plan of Palestine was adopted by the General Assembly, not the Security Council. Resolution of the General Assembly have the force of recommendations to member states of the Unites Nations but do not (unlike those of the Security Council) have any mandatory force.Therefore, the UN General Assembly vote to accept the recommendations of UNSCOP to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab state did not mean that one or another state was being created over the objection of one of the parties. The UN General Asssembly vote was not an override of the Arab rejection.

    The major reason why Arabs rejected the partition resolution was on the ground of fairness. It is proposed to give the minority an exclusive right to the majority of the land. In 1947, there were more than 1,237,332 Arabs and 608,225 Jews in Palestine. Thought Jewish people made up less than 33% of total population of Palestine and own only 6,59% of the land, UNGA resolution 181 suggested allocating 54% of Palestine to the proposed Jewish state. That plan was set to kick out 75% of Palestinian population from the part dedicated to an alien foreign minority who were never native to the land but immigrants from all over the world. Palestinians back then owned and operated 93% of Palestinian lands.

    2) God gave the land to the Jews;

    The claim also has no validity, it was caused by the selective readings of the Old Testament. Check this out:


    3) Jews bought and develped the land

    That is not true. Official data in 1945 show that Jewish immigrants bought less than 7% of the lands in Palestine. Palestinians owned more than 93% of total lands in Palestine.


    By the end of the British Mandate the total land area under cultivation by Palestinian farmers (excluding citrus) was 5,484,700 dunams, while the area cultivated by Jewish illegal immigrants was 425,450 dunams only. (From the Survey of Palestine)

    Check this out:


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  • plez
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    4 years ago

    it really is a very large statement. i will't communicate for Israel, yet i do not have self belief the U.S. "hates" the middle east (Arabs) ~ I do have self belief the U.S. is antagonistic to terrorism and could wrestle it with each and every thing we've. regrettably, maximum persons of terrorist attacks antagonistic to the U.S. in contemporary years were executed by utilising radical center eastern Muslims. With that being reported i have self belief maximum persons of human beings do no longer experience maximum persons of Muslims hate the U.S. so a approaches as videos and Hollywood are worried, they'll portray every person and each and all people because the "undesirable guy" see you later because it makes them money. and also you're correct, Arabs (or the middle east) is purely yet another civilization, as is the U.S. ~ know-how one yet another is a 2 way street.

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    honestly i think there are probably arabs who dont hate israel, they are usually very educated and worldly and havent succumbed to the ludicrous and pro violence propoganda in the arab countries... they read literature other than the kuran and watch documentaries made by neutral producers who show both sides of the situation.

    unfortunately in arab countries education other than the koran is still not a priority. many arabs dont ever get to read any history books other than those skewed and rewritten as propoganda... they believe it as they have no other points of reference.

    if you look worldwide, arabs/muslims always need someone to hate... if its not israel then its the usa, if its not the usa then its sunni verses shia, if its not that then its iraq verses iran, iraq verses kurds, syria verses lebanon, not to mention christians being killed in many muslim countries.

    to those of you in the west who are not muslim who spout hate against israel, i pray for you. if israel is destroyed you will see what the west will become... as muslims need someone to hate you will be next.... if you dont believe me then look at most of europe being dictated to by muslims on how you should live, it will only get worse.

    there is one more thing. islamic culture is based on pride, and saving face... sometimes this is a good thing sometimes it isnt. eg. if a family member disgraces the family they are either killed or threatened with death in many muslim countries. muslims are constantly watching each other, even family members to make sure they follow islam properly ( if you dont believe this just go onto ramadan and read how they take it upon themselves to make sure that everyone toes the line). i say if you are suspicious of your own family, or fearful of your own family or even have to kill your own family member in some cases, showing no respect for those closest to you, then it is virtually impossible for you to respect anyone else.

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  • G. #2
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    1 decade ago

    How do you not know of the terrorist state of israel?

    After Holocaust, Jews came to Palestine, where Palestinians were living a normal human life. They kicked Palestinians out of their homes, and kill them, and make them refugees and take their land as if it belongs to them. They destroy their houses and build new houses for more Jews to come, and keep on killing Palestinians, and still going on until today.

    This is a brief summary.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because Israel doesn't belong in the Middle East.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Essentially because they were raised to.

    The Middle East was essentially caught up as pawns in the Cold War. The vast majority of Palestinian refugees came from what is now Jordan, not Israel. This is what you get when you breed generations that have been raised on hatred.

    Nabil is a ridiculous joke. Sure, Israel is barbaric and heartless, while Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon is just a pure haven of human rights. Im laughing so hard I am going to lose my lunch. People like you are the reason that the rest of the world really really hates Arabs.

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    lol...your serious? o gosh...please look at what your state has done to the libanese and the Palestinians and how many death your state has on their hand and then wonder why most people hate Israel.

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  • Anonymous
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    There are several reasons that I know of:

    1) When land was "taken from" the people originally living in Israel and given to the Zionists, the Arabs considered that stealing their land. However, when Israel applied for recognition as a country, the UN granted that wish in 1948, so legally Arabs have nothing to stand on.

    However, Arabs do argue that morally they still have the right to Israel's land, since according to them they were there first. However, the truth is that the Canaanites were there first, then they were conquered by the Jews, and ever since then Jews have identified Israel as the homeland. Many placed sacred to the Jews are located in Israel. So "technically" the Canaanites have a better claim to the area than anyone, but as far as I know not many people claim to be decedents of Canaan.

    However, in either case their is very little merit to the claim that the Israelis "took" the Arab's land.

    2) Although Israel allows all religions (as far as I know) to practice in Israel (a very stark contrast to some (not all though) of the Islamic countries surrounding Israel) most of Israel's inhabitants are Jewish, and adhere to that faith. Due to some unfortunate events (Islamic extremists in the Israeli government supporting anti-Israeli terrorist activity) Islamic government officials are watched more closely, but are still allowed to accept government positions, and are granted equal rights.

    Some other countries practices:

    Syria: allows Jews to practice openly, but they are not allowed to hold government positions, and they are watched closely by police.

    Iraq: Practicing the Jewish religion is forbidden and anyone that breaks the law will be punished.

    Saudi Arabia: Jews are banned from holding government positions, and banned from certain occupations, Jews were not allowed to enter the country, but eventually the US got Saudi to remove the ban. Anyone that has an Israeli depart/arrival stamp on their visa is not allowed to enter, no "non-muslims" can see the sacred cities (Mecca and Medinna? I think). Interesting note: when a Holy mosque was taken over by militants and the Saudi's had to ask the French for help, the French soldiers had to convert before they were allowed to enter the city.

    Those I believe are the two main reasons that Arabs hate Israel.


    @Michael Angelo: Could you source 1) and 2) I know the Security Council did not reach a conclusion, but don't see where a) it was not a binding decision and b) it violated international laws.

    I do know that when the resolution passed (binding or not) the Arabs did not waste any time waiting for it to be "official" but they treated the resolution as binding and legal, for they immediately attacked the Jews the day after the resolution passed. Eventually this led to a war, with several of Israel's neighbors attacking it. Against a much larger force, Israel soundly defeated all of it's enemies, mainly due to them squabbling internally about what country got what land after the war was won (Ironic that they couldn't decide who owned the land themselves, so they were arguing who got it. Sounds like Israel "stole" nobody's land.")

    Not saying that God gave the land to the Jews: the point is moot and I couldn't care less. If you want me to argue that point let me know and I will, I'm saying that the Jews were there first, so that's why Israel is theirs.

    Not saying that the Jews bought their homeland back from the Arabs, why should they... it's their homeland. They did buy some of it, a lot of it swampland (the Arabs laughed at selling them worthless land) which they used their cutting edge experience in agriculture to make profitable.

    As well, although Israel is a "Jewish" nation, there are Arabs and Muslims there as well, who identify themselves as Israeli, so the raw numbers of Arabs vs Jews are not entirely accurate.

    I am saying that the Jews were there first. (After killing the Canaanites, which wasn't nice, but was how things were) So after the Canaanites came the Jews. Period. Many of the Jew's religious symbols and places are located in Israel, as is much of their history. In the interest of what is right and fair, that is why Israel got their homeland back. After be displaced and persecuted for many years, they finally got to return to their place of origin, the place they call home. They have prior claim... end of story.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    some of the reasons:

    The Israeli culture of hatred and racism.

    The killing of the Palestinians

    Demolition their homes

    War crimes by IDF against Civilians

    Jews Stealing their land.

    Instability in the Middle East.

    Israeli ambitions to expand in the region

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because we have been brainwashed for years to hate Jews and everything about them. It's hard for us to change. We can't speak the truth even to our relatives; they will kill us. But thank you for asking.

    Source(s): my family
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