Do you think ESPN is worried or don't consider MLB Network as serious competition?

I think they better worry. From people that i have talked to they been switching from ESPN to MLB Network. They are tired of ESPN's biased Baseball news as well as tired of them acting as if only 3 or 4 teams exist.

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    ESPN deals with the entire spectrum of sports. I think that's there only saving grace. In terms of baseball, MLB will eventually rule the air waves. ESPN never really did that great of a job with baseball anyway. Having to listen to Joe Morgan every week was like listening to a kid run his fingernails across a blackboard. I got to the where I would just turn down the TV volume and listen to the game on the radio.

    MLB has already recruited Bob Costas and now Peter Gammons, two of the best baseball people around. With Harold Reynolds and the rest of the MLB crew, they will be the bench mark for all future baseball activities both hot stove as well as live games.

    How this effects ESPN, time will tell. At least MLB will show more games and many more teams. I'm a Yankee fan but a baseball fan first. It would be nice to see more west coast games for a change.

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    MLB Network's coverage is so much better than ESPN's baseball coverage. The Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies and Mets are all they ever talk about (no offense to you as you are a Yankees fan). When the Yankees and Red Sox go at it, they talk about that one game instead of all of the others. MLB Network on the other hand covers ALL 30 TEAMS instead of just a few. I would take MLB Network over ESPN any day of the year.

    edit: My mistake. Thanks for pointing that out domination_in_08.

  • Everything is better on the MLB Network, ESPN should be worried. I'm too am sick of the East Coast bias from ESPN, they know it and they do nothing about it. I really like the time they put into each team on the MLB Network, the analysis and you know it just seems like they really enjoy what they're doing. It's all baseball, and these guys know baseball. We don't have to listen to them read a teleprompter on sports that they aren't enthused about. Here you have Harold Reynolds, Barry Larkin, Joe Magrane, Al Leiter, Mitch Williams and Dan Plesac ~ very cool. The addition of Peter Gammons, they just keep getting better.

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    They better be worried! Everyone hates ESPN, including me. The MLB Network is unbiased and like you said, they don't focus on only 3 or 4 teams.

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  • They should be worried because MLB Network just has better incite on baseball. Peter Gammons who I loved on Baseball Tonight even left to go to MLB Network. Like you said, MLB focuses on just the Yankees or Red Sox or Phillies. They will look at every team and try to figure out what that team needs to do in order to be successful in 2010.

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    I'm a often watcher of ESPN. I enjoy shows like Around The Horn, and PTI, and a select of ESPN analysts I enjoy listening to, but when it comes to baseball coverage...terrible. Very bias and I'm sick and tired of the favoritism. MLB Network is and will continue to be better then ESPN, when it comes to baseball coverage.

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    MLB network will definately cut into their baseball viewing audience but ESPN has more than baseball going for it. Who doesn't watch SportsCenter?

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    love MLB network cause they help me better understand the teams the Phils gotta play and I love seeing how we can use their weaknesses. As for you Dan, this is the MLB, not the NFL, we have 30 teams.

    edit: no prob Dan, its happens to the best of us.

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    i go to mlb network for all baseball info now

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    joe morgan on espn tim mc carver on fox joe buck all should be rounded up by a posse and tarred and feathered..they are the worst announcers ever..Mel allan where have you gone?

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