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Is it just me, or is Avatar distinctly pro-war?

I didn't really know what to expect when I saw Avatar. I had heard that it was basically just a standard, simple anti-war/living in harmony movie with blue people. That wasn't really my impression.

It really seemed to glorify the violent revenge against the "sky people." There's one scene in particular, where Stephen Lang's character tells Jake that he's going to keep fighting, and Jake replies something like "I was hoping you'd say that," and then proceeds to beat him to death. Or something along those lines.

More than just green and peaceful, it really came off as a vengeance story by the end. Did anyone else get this impression?


Yeah, obviously they've got to have some action movie in an action movie. I'm not blaming the characters for fighting back, or James Cameron for making them. I'm only saying that Jake and company all seemed very excited about the idea of getting to fight. It just seemed a little inconsistent with the first 2/3 of the movie.

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    The message doesn't have to be "pro-war" in the sense that war is always good, nor does it necessarily have to be "anti-war" in the sense that war is always bad. Maybe the message is war is right when it is worth fighting. The real world is much more complicated than liberals and conservatives try to make it.

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    Anti-War, Pro-Action.

  • Anonymous
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    Yeah but you can't just sit there and get annihilated, it's self -defense, at some point you have to fight back, would you take it if some dude try to kill people you care about or would you fight to protect them?

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    yeah he wanted revenge, but it was only because the general guy killed so many people

    and unfortunately most movies today seem to encourage violence

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