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My computer Freezes on startup when it begins to enable USB support. I turn off USB in the BIOS and it works.?

I thought the UBS section of my mother board may have fried or something but i wanted to get others input before i spent money on a new motherboard.

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    Try going into the bios, go the page with your USB settings, and changing the USB settings. See if there's a Legacy setting or another setting you can change it. See if that works.

    If that doesn't work next try to boot in Safe Mode with Networking Enabled. When booting hold down the F8 Key, and select Safe Mode with Networking Enabled. If Windows boots than your problem might be a driver or software issue. Try updating the motherboard drivers - go to your motherboard's website and download all appropriate drivers.

    You could also try to install an internal USB card and see if that works. That might be the cheapest solution.

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    This is because of the computer’s registry. The registry is a very complex and often misunderstood component of Windows. It’s vital to your computer’s operation. Think of the registry as your computer’s brain. And everything you do on the computer, everything you install or remove, is stored in the brain. When you remove things, very often certain registry entries are left behind, like memories. But these memories are good for absolutely nothing.

    The registry hangs on to them, though, and eventually it gets so full that it’s hard to find things that are important now. The registry is probably the culprit if your computer freezes randomly.Consequently, one of the best solutions in managing the situation is to use registry cleaning tools http://make-computer-run-smoothly.com with great power and capacity to completely flush out all junk files and fix all errors found.

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