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How can I convince my parents to let me get a bigger tank! 20 + gallon hopefully?

I have a small tropical freshwater setup in my room, only 6-7 gallons, which has 6 guppies, 2 dwarf gouramis, 1 Otocinclus and 1 Sterbai Cory, so its pretty over-stocked.

I know also, thats a pretty weird looking array of fish, but I love them.

Ideally, I am hoping to get either for my birthday or next christmas, or buy myself, a 20+ gallon tank. If I got that, I would add one or two more Otos, and 3 more Sterbai's. Or, I would get something larger, like 50 gallons (^.^ !!!) and add a few more other species. I asked my mum about it, but since I only set up my current tank maybe 10-12 weeks ago, she says things like Why did you waste your money on the stuff you have now then, etc and stuff like that. Stupidly I relied on my tropical fish store, which told me my tank would be fine (argh). I already had the tank, but needed all the tropical accesories; all up it cost me $100+ for the heater, filter, food, accesories, chemicals etc.

So I need to know a few things:

1. How can I convince her? Maybe also if I could have it downstairs, because of the weight, and how pretty it really is to have fish.

2. If i got 50+ gallons, what other fis should I add? I really like Angelfish, btw.

3. Thanks!

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    1.) I think if you're willing to spend your money and time on a larger tank, your mom should respect that. Sure, you had to learn your lesson the hard way, but at least you are willing to recognize your mistakes and correct them. That puts you way ahead of most people. :) I have trouble communicating with my parents, so I often type/write stuff up when I have something important to say. Maybe doing that would help you too. I would go through and answer any potential questions she may have. For example, if she often brings up the amount you spent on the initial tank, explain to her that you realize in hindsight that it wasn't the best route to take, but that you have at least learned from it. I would also explain to her your views on fish themselves. You can't force her to believe that fish have at least some basic level of feeling and thought (even though they do, haha), but you can try to lay things out for her and hope that she will respect your feelings.

    2. Teehee, stocking, my favorite part. Well, first, if you got the 20 gallon, I would actually get 4 more otos and 4 more cories. If possible, I would also rehome one of the dwarf gouramis. Most chain pet stores only sell the males because of their coloring, but two males will probably fight when they mature.

    HOWEVER, if you got the 50+ tank, you could actually keep both dwarf gouramis if you got three more. They do okay kept together, but only in larger groups (at least 5). Unfortunately, angelfish are not compatible with your current fish, but you will probably like the long fin black skirt tetras. This is just a proposed stocking, but here's an idea of what you could end up with:

    -6 guppies

    -6 sterbai cory (make sure they are all the same kind)

    -6 otocinclus

    -5 dwarf gouramis (can do a combo of powder blue, fire red, and regular)

    -6 long fin black skirt tetras (can do a combo of the black and gold skirts)

    -6 harlequin rasboras

    All of these fish love plant cover, especially the dwarf gouramis, so make sure you have plenty of densely planted areas for them, but leave enough open space in the front for the more active fish to be able to dart around when they want. Live plants are always beneficial. Mondo grass, anacharis, and sword plants are hardy and are good beginner plants. Your otos will especially love live plants, and they also benefit from live driftwood as well.

    By the way, if you want to save a ton of money, check out craigslist and other local classifieds for aquariums. You could easily get a complete 55 setup for what a new 20 would cost.

    Alrighty, I hope this helps. If nothing else, I had some fun thinking up a potential stocking. If there were other fish you had in mind, let us know. Good luck, I hope your mom at least let's you upgrade to the 20! :)


    Edit: Can't believe I forgot to mention the 6 gallon! It doesn't have to go to waste at all. It would make a perfect home for a betta and some shrimp or a snail. Bettas are one of my favorite fish. :D

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    Do you parents know that you were badly advised by the fish store employees? Might be a good place to start - tell them that when you bought the fish you were told that your tank was fine, but you've since found out otherwise so you need to upgrade.

    Also the equipment you already have won't go to waste - if you manage to get a bigger tank and you want to add more fish, ideally you'll want to quarantine them first to make sure they don't pass anything on to your current fish. You might be able to use your current tank as a quarantine tank in the future.

    You don't necessarily have to have the tank downstairs, most houses should be okay with the weight (after all, your bathtub is upstairs and they hold a fair bit of water). I have a 55 gallon upstairs in my house with no problems. But if you did want to have it downstairs go on about how beautiful tropical tanks are and how nice it will look. My stepdad is always saying how lovely my big tank looks, and thats got big fat goldfish in it!

    And if you're hoping to get it as a gift, just explain as best as you can that it's what you really, really want. That you're not going to get tired of you fish, you love the ones you've already got and you want to give them a really big, fantastic home.

    Best of luck! :)

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    Make a deal with her. Mums like deals, trust me. Ask her to help you find one at the flea market or garage sale. CHEEAAP!

    I have 3 tanks and they were all second hand and cost a fraction of the new price and are just as good. Seriously, why pay SO much when you can beat the bushes and find a real bargain.

    Also maybe if you can put it downstairs, you'll put some nice plants in it. I'm sure Mum likes plants. They are pretty easy and very beautiful.

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    im only answering question 1, you can have them up stairs, a 20 gallon is only 250 pounds so they dont need to be downstairs, mines upstairs. and you can have a 55 gallon upstairs too. my dad had one up stairs before.

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