what are the colleges where i can study game designing?

i wanna knw where are the good colleges where i can learn to design video games... thank you!

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    Gastronomicom - Study programs & classes include: The school offers 1 and 3 month programs of French Wine or French Cooking or 3 months programs of Fine Dining Food and Beverage. These courses are taken with intensive French lessons + (optional) a 4 month training course internship (work placement) in a luxury hotel / restaurant in France. Cap d’Agde, France

    Harbourside Institute Of Technology, Vancouver - Study programs & classes include: Full Time & Part Time Programs. The 9 month Full Time Audio Engineering and Music Production Program incorporates hands on training and small class sizes into a comprehensive sound engineering and music production program. This diploma program provides the education and experience needed to enter the world of professional audio production. 2 week Introduction to Basic... Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Pacific Audio Visual Institute - Study programs & classes include: 1-year comprehensive, "hands-on" diploma programs in Audio Engineering & Production, Film & Digital Arts, Film & Music Business, and Game Design & 3D Animation. PAVI actively assists graduates with securing program related work and places qualified students in industry internships while still in school. Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Metáfora, Barcelona - Study programs & classes include: The International Workshop is a one-year, full-time diploma course (in English), designed for young artists and students of Fine Art or Design. From January 2010, this course will also include an International Workshop of Art Therapy. Barcelona, Spain

    LiloVeve Jewelry School, New York - Study programs & classes include: LiloVeve Jewelry School offers classes and workshops in the art of handcrafting jewelry. o Silversmithing o Wax Carving o Hinges & Mechanisms o Gold Alloying o Granulation o Enamel o Chain Making o Wedding Bands o Stone Setting Brooklyn, New York, USA

    Marbella Design Academy - Study programs & classes include: Diploma courses: Higher Education in Design in: - Interior Design (3 yrs) - Interior Design with Furniture/Product Design (3 yrs) - Graphic Design (3 yrs) - Video Film Production and Multimedia Design (3yrs) - Fashion Design (2 yrs) - Web Design (1 yr) The courses start twice a year. You can enter in January and in September. Monda, Spain

    Sound Training Centre, Dublin - Study programs & classes include: Sound Engineering & Music Technology (full-time and part-time), Advanced Music & Media Production (2nd year full-time), Sound Engineering, Lighting & Stage Production (Live) (full-time), Electronic Music Production (15 week part-time) – Suitable for DJs and music producers, DJ/ Music Production Course (15 week), Introduction to DJ'ing and Music Production - Summer Course Dublin, Ireland

    The Art Institute Of Houston - Study programs & classes include: Associate of Applied Science in Baking & Pastry; Culinary Arts; Restaurant & Catering Management; Graphic Design; Web Design & Interactive Media. Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management; Fashion & Retail Management. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design; Web Design & Interactive Media; Media Arts & Animation; Digital Filmmaking & Video Production; Interior Design;... Houston, Texas, USA

    Bath Spa University, Bath - Study programs & classes include: Foundation Degrees Digital Design; Applied Arts and Design; Graphic Design; Publishing BA(Hons) Degrees Fine Art; Ceramics; Graphic Communication; Fashion & Textile Design; Fashion Design Masters Degrees Master of Fine Art; MA Design: Ceramics; MA Design: Fashion and Textiles; MA Design: Brand Development; MA Design: Interaction Design; Research PhD / MPhil...

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    I would go to PAVI in Vancouver. Not super expensive, great teachers and more software than other schools. Could have nicer facilities but the education is good. Real game design, prepare to work hard.

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