Tinted Windows On A Car?

23/Female/Michigan,Downriver. I had bought a car with dark tinted windows all away around and i got a ticket 5 days later for obstructed vision window tint and my ticket says Not Waiveable? What does that mean? Can someone please tell me what that means? And also I was wondering if it is points on my driving record? And if it is what can i do to get the points gone and just pay a fine? Please please Please someone help me? Thanks Jenny.

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  • Teddy
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    1 decade ago
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    this is better suited in "law" honey, but i am sure someone (help the girl out, now!) can answer this for you here. i, myself, do not live in michigan, chicago is the closest i came.

    They just made me rip it off and be on my way, back in the day...32/male/(formerly) berwyn/cicero IL, presently westside Phoenix, AZ

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  • 1 decade ago

    In California, it is a non-moving fine. Which means you usually just pay the fine, and go to the DMV or Highway Patrol office and show that you corrected the tint. Since it is a non-moving violation, no points are put on your record. If you are caught again with tinted windows, the fine usually goes up.

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  • arnab
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    3 years ago

    The regulation demands that the homestead windows on the motor vehicle enable a minimum of : 75 in line with cent of sunshine throughout the front windscreen 70 in line with cent of sunshine throughout the front factor homestead windows In maximum cutting-part autos there's a tender tint added to the homestead windows whilst they are made. in case you upload any extra tint it’s in all probability to bring about the homestead windows failing to fulfill the legal standards. the regulations on tinted homestead windows don’t be conscious to the rear windscreen or the rear passenger homestead windows.

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