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Regarding the future,as you know,XX has been appointed our new Greater China

CBD General Manger effective January 2010.XX&amp;#039;s experiences,results,skills and

passion will make him an outstanding leader.I have had the pleasure of working c

losely with XXand the company has chosen the best person to lead our business,organization and distributor engagemment to the nest level of success.I am

certain you will all partner with XX as much as you have with me,XX,Chester

Twigg and other XX Leaders! Itake this opportunity to thank XX for all the help

and advice he hasgiven me over the years and once again to congratulate him and wish him all the best going forward.

Finally,I want to thank you and your organizations for workingwith me and provising direction on how XX can improve to serve you, your people and our mutual customers and consumers together.Since 2006 I have enjoyed meeting with you in Distributor Forums,Product Innovation Meetings and your Distributor Offices.Our discussions were always beneficial for the business and especially for my learning about the market,consumers and relationships in China.Thank you for your passion on the XX business.Thank you for the accomplishments.Thank you for your collaboration.It has been my privilege to work with you.I will have the fondest know you and to be part of Chinas development in our industry together with you.I will have the fondest of memories and look forward to seeing in the future in China,the USA or some other part of the world!

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    關於未來,你知道, XX被任命了我們新的更加偉大的中國 CBD一般飼槽有效的1月2010.XX&amp; amp; #039; s經驗,結果,技能和 激情將做他一位卓著的領導。我有工作c樂趣 losely與XXand公司選擇最佳的人帶領我們的事務、組織和經銷商engagemment成功的巢水平。我是确定您將有XX的所有夥伴,和您有與我一样多, XX,徹斯特 Twigg和其他XX領導! Itake這個機會感謝XX所有幫助 並且忠告他hasgiven多年來我和再次祝賀他和祝愿他前进的一切顺利。 终于,我想要感謝您和您的组织workingwith我和关于怎样的一起provising的方向XX可能改善服務您,您的人民和我們的相互顧客和消费者。自2006年以來我喜欢會见您經銷商論壇的,产品创新會議,並且您的經銷商Offices.Our讨论總是有利的為事務和特别是為我得知在China.Thank的市場、消费者和關係您您的在XX事務的激情的。谢谢成就。谢谢您的合作。是我的特權工作與您。我將有最喜歡认识您和是中國發展的一部分 在我們的與您一起的產業。我將有最喜歡記憶並且盼望在將來看見在中國、美國或者世界的某一其他部分!

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