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  派「紅包」是華人新年的一種習俗,華人喜愛紅色,因為紅色象徵活力、愉快與好運。 派發紅包給未成年的晚輩(根據華人的觀念,已婚者就算成年),是表示把祝願和好運帶給他們。紅包裡的錢,只是要讓孩子們開心,其主要意義是在紅紙,因為它象徵好運。因此,在分派紅包的長輩面前打開紅包,是不禮貌的做法

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    [(new year's money) is called (new year's celebration money)], ancient times is strings together with the red line 100 copper cashes, attains the human indicates may the long life. The present is the paper money (, because copper plate has been unable to satisfy time demand), admits in the red package bag. Has the family reunion dinner when the lunar New Year's Eve night of entire family, the elder distributes by the family to the child gives on new years, prays for heavenly blessing its long life. Certainly the paper money must certainly take its 2, 6, 8, 0 duals, the table is auspicious. Certainly now is by already the adult who got married and began a career, wrapped the red package to give the parents, thanked the parents to raise graciousness. Generally the child attains red package that evening, must put in the red package under the pillow to sleep. This is also the origin which gives on new years.   The faction “the red package” is the Chinese people new year's one kind of custom, the Chinese people likes red, because red drafts the vigor likely, happy and the good luck. Distributes the red package (to act according to Chinese people's idea grown-up to the underage younger generation, ever-married person), is the expression takes the wish and the good luck they. In the red package money, is only must let the children be happy, its main significance is in the red paper, because it drafts the good luck likely. Therefore, opens the red package in front of the distribution red package's elder, not politeness procedure


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