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Vikings last touchdown. Classess?

I think not.

A lot of Cowboy fans are upset because of Brad Childress' call to go for it on 4th and 3 for a go ahead touchdown. Some call it classless. Not me. I believe that as an offense, and as a coach, your job is to put points on the board. As a defense, its your job to keep points off the board. You play to win.



I haven't even seen any articles on this topic yet. So sorry if it seems I "took" from another segment.

Update 2:

IronLung, apology

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    Hey if the Vikings want to be Jack Offs let them be Jack Offs the Cowboys are paid to stop them from scoring. What bothers me is the hypocrisy of Favre. I seem to recall a game between the Cowboys and the Packers That the Cowboys won 21-0 I think it was Cundiff kicking 7 Field goals. Favre and his Green Bay Pals were all up in arms thats the cowboys kicked that extra field goal. Matter of Fact Reggie White did exactly the same thing Brooking did and he next week Favre was bitching in the media about how the Cowboys lacked class. But its ok if he does it, at least the cowboys were going for a NFL record. I pray that New Orleans has one of those games and lays 60 on the vikings. Wishful thinking I know but I can hope

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    As the questions asks, a call to go for a go ahead TD on 4th and 3 is not classless at all, not even close. Scoring a go ahead TD actually puts the team in front on the scoreboard.

    What I'm assuming you are asking is in regards to the final TD late in the last quarter. Frankly, no, it's not classless. These are professional football players, and I can guarantee the Dallas D didn't suggest to Brett Favre that they would quit trying to hurt him, but he has to not try and score any more points.

    However, Dallas are classless at any time, and rank up there with New England.

    Funnily enough, this time last week it was all Brokeback fans spouting how good their team is. Where are they now?

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    Yes point on the board typically you never see this out of the vikings but this was something special they wanted to put a ! on it. Cowboys do the same in a heart beat! What was Classless going up to an opponent and crying about making a touchdown on them.

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    I don't think so. If they had a problem with it, they should have stopped them. Make a statement and boost the confidence of the team. It will look better for the Vikings in the next days sports section. Now if it was regular season college football and Florida was playing Middle Tennessee State, and Florida was blowing them out, still going for TD's in the 4th quarter that, in my opinion, would be bad sportsmanship. However these guys are professionals and I don't think they should be babies about it. Just my two cents.

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    I dont think it was, It make the Cowboys farther away to get a touchdown if the Vikings didnt get theirs.

    It would be MAYBE if they had as high of a score as they did against the Giants or if they were rubbing it in that they scored.

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    lol ive heard no cowboy fan talk of this as classless. the only person i heard complain was a line backer who could have made some more tackles or shown more enthusiam during the game. that was the most emotion he showed during the game. oh! wait? too bad it was over by then.

    i would be a little more upset my team got punched in the mouth like they did IN A PLAYOFF GAME. 10 point or more loss means you team got their *** kicked. 34-3 means you couldn't even sniff the endzone.

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    I agree True Blue.If its the playoffs,then every team should be playing there best for (4) quarters.Despite our convo. earlier i apologize for my rudness.I have alot of cowboys fans where i live.

    If your a NFL coach,you should have your team score as much points as possible in the playoffs.Class has nothing to do with a Superbowl Run!

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    Naw. football is football and there's never will be classless, when it comes to playing on football field there is "NO MERCY". Like, you see no mercy from PATS destory Titans 59-0. Titans took it as it's just one game and deal with it. Cowboys fans needs to deal with it cuz there's no way of playing fair game.

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    Minnesota was running the ball, and Dallas was calling timeouts. By doing that, you're telling the other team you are going to fight until the clock hits 0:00. If you can't stop the other team from scoring, that's your problem.

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    The game is 60 minutes. Therefore, you should expect to play 60 minutes. I have never understood why people cry about "running up the score". I could see the complaint in high school and maybe college, but definitely not the pro's.

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