Go to baits for tournament bass fishing on West Point lake this April?

I have a Southern Divisional bass fishing tournament coming up on West Point lake and I'm a touring angler that know most of the baits to use here and there, but I've never fished West Point before and I need to know some go to baits for tournament fishing down there. And if possible, I want specifics. The colors, as well as sizes. Thank you guys so much if you can help me! P.S. the winner gets to fish the Nationals and the winner of it wins a 21 foot Triton boat and $20,000 in scholarship money so I really need your guys' help! =D

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  • Josh
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    1 decade ago
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    Check out fishin.com a week or so before the tourney. They have lakes listed all over the us with fairly detailed fishing reports most of the time. Other than that, fish the lake a day or so in advance if possible. Experiement with different things, that should give you a pretty good idea as to what they tend to be hitting at the time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I can't really give you any tips as I don't fish the lake. I will give you a few ideas about lures and whatnot. Bass are going to be deep, as you probably already know. Look for fish in the 10' - 25' depths mostly. I'd bring the following rods with me -

    1 6'6 m/h rod, baitcasting reel, 5.0:1 - 6.3:1 ratio, 14 or 17lb mono. "Jigs".

    1 7' m rod, spinning reel, 6 or 8lb flourocarbon. "Drop shotting".

    1 7'6 h rod, baitcasting reel, 5.0:1 - 6.3:1 ratio, 20 or 25lb mono, 30 or 40lb braid. "Flippin 'n pitchin".

    1 7' h rod, baitcasting reel, 5.3:1 - 6.3:1 ratio, 17 or 20lb mono. "Spoons".

    1 7' m rod, baitcasting reel, 5.0:1 - 6.0:1, 10 or 12lb flourocarbon/mono. "Crankbaits".

    1 6'6 m rod, baitcasting reel, 5.3:1 - 6.3:1, 12lb mono. "All-purpose".

    Might wanna take along another spinning outfit or two as well...

    Fish mostly football jigs in 10' - 15' of water, if water is stained use a jig with rattles, and if really muddy, try to find a crayfish trailer with chartreuse on the tip of it's claws. Black, black/blue, other darker colors for dark water. Lighter colors, like PB & J for clear/stained. In clear water, use a slightly smaller trailer with no chartreuse or rattles.

    Fish a 4" drop shot worm on drop offs or just in deep water. Spoons will work great in deep water too, violently jig a big spoon for some nice largemouth.

  • 1 decade ago

    stick to your basics. cover water by using crankbaits, and spinnerbaits. if the fish are not that active, try drop shot or shakey head. you wana cover as much water as possible, and if you dont have luck with that, slow down.

    if you can find rocks or boulders, fish those if the water temp is to cold for reaction baits

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