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Translation from Turkish..who can help me??I cannot understand by google translate..It is a famous sentence..!?

“Suskunluğum asaletimdendir.. Her lafa verilecek bir cevabım var. Lakin bir lafa bakarım laf mı diye , Bir de söyleyene bakarım adam mı diye?”

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    My quietness is due to my nobleness. I have an answer to give for any talk. Priorly though, i see to it that it is indeed a (worthy) "talk", and that the talker is a (worthy) "man".

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  • 1 decade ago

    my silence is coz of my nobility , i have any reply of any word . but once i look at the word if it is word ( as much as deserve my reply) and once again look at the said by who if he is man or not ( if he deserve my respect or not )

    Source(s): i m turkish and just tried
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