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How many Americans are aware of the damage being done by American policy to Haiti's relief efforts right now?

We've seen a storm of "questions" from people in the US about Haiti, taking various angles - i would just, genuinely like to know, how many of you out there (especially among the "neocons") are even aware of the issues raised in this interview: http://socialistworker.org/2010/01/18/witness-to-a...

* "In 2004, George W. Bush deposed then-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and greatly weakened the connection of people to the resources of the government." ... "It's a natural disaster on top of the disaster that U.S. imperialism has imposed on this country for decades, backing one dictator after another in the interest of maintaining a source of cheap labor for U.S. corporations."

*"Hillary Clinton flew into Haiti to oversee the relief effort--supposedly. But I think her trip to Haiti tells you all you need to know: They had to shut down the airport for three hours so she could land, which meant that no actual aid flights could come in. ... And this happened at a really critical time, because we're right at that point where every extra ounce of water matters. At this point, people who have been without water are facing imminent death. But they stopped the aid shipments so Clinton could give a canned speech from Haiti about how much the U.S. is doing to help."

* "And in any case, the U.S. government is sending more boots on the ground and more guns to help with "law and order." But this isn't what the Haitian people need. They need people with shovels, and people to give them water." ... "The U.S. needs to tell its soldiers to drop their machine guns and pick up shovels and start digging people out."

* "When I heard that statement from Pat Robertson, after all the stress I'd been under, that just kind of broke me. I had to yell. That this earthquake was payback for kicking out the French during the Haitian Revolution? I hope that Pat Robertson can be dropped in one of the neighborhoods here, and let the people have at him."

* "I also just read that a couple in Arkansas hit the lottery for $100 million, but that's all the Obama administration can find to help Haiti."

So? Do you hear ANYTHING about this aspect of things from the news over there? Does Fox ever mention it? Do these comments seem surprising at all?

If you're a neocon, do these observations leave you with any sense of shame?

If you're a democrat, does it give you any suspision as to the genuineness of the leftist credentials of people like Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama?

What kind of information really gets through to American voters?


Really, to all the people who replied to say "i collect for charity" - that's great. Who doesn't? But you seem to have missed the point of the question.

Are you *aware* of American policy, and it's history, especially wrt Haiti? And what does that *mean* to you? And why do so many Americans seem completely ignorant of it - to the extent that they actually believe these are "commie lies", rather than fairly mundane observations from the perspective of the rest of the planet?

To all the people saying it's a "communist front", or full of lies, and to the mental giant who said "Well let's let CUBA handle it" (really - clap clap) - everything covered in that article is a matter of historical record. If you think "it's a fraud", just take your own look into Haitian history, through as many other sources as you can find, and then tell me "it's a fraud".

Or take the hypothetical - if these claims were true, what would your reaction be? "Keep on lootin'"?

Update 2:

No, i'm not a fan of Bill Clinton. I'm not an American, I'm not a "liberal", and I'm not a "Democrat".

To the "100 million is an *initial* donation" - i'm pretty sure it will be indicative of the donations to come. And the US does have a history of not following through donations anyway. And, by the way, that was, like, ONE of the FIVE points made. Do you really have no reaction whatsoever to the other four? No trace of moral outrage? No sense of whether the US has engaged in ethical behaviour? No snippet of sorrow, anger, shame, grief? Nothing at all?

Update 3:

Again, I'm not a Democrat, and I'm certainly not a fan of either of the Clintons! Seriously, did any of the conservatives out there even bother to read the full question before answering? I guess you wouldn't be reading this either, would you.

How does saying "Bill Clinton did bad things" a response to the accusation that YOUR candidates have done bad things? Doesn't that just mean that ALL American Presidents have done bad things? How does that absolve your politics in the *slightest*?

Again - NOT a democrat! Not a fan of any particular Clinton! Yeesh!

Update 4:

To those who seem to think that the U.S. government is the first to come to people's aid in time of trouble, that sort of sidesteps the point.

Put it this way: who cares if you call somebody a doctor when you're the one who stabbed them in the first place?

This isn't a game of "who's the best country", this is an honest question - do any of these historical facts inspire the slightest sense of outrage at your government's policies? I fail to see how "Well at least we're doing something" even begins to address it.

Does being the most apologetic member of a gang of bullies somehow invite absolution? Especially when you're still punching the guy?

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    Fox News and Right wing News is the most Negative garbage to come out of media. When is the last time you ever heard anyone in the right wing news say anything positive. No wonder Conservatives hate just about everything. Dame I wish they would grow some balls and think for them selfs. Asking alot though.

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    I'll agree with you on some points:

    1. Politicians need to stay out unless they're actually there to help and not hinder things on the ground or the Airport. The fact that it was Hillary doesn't surprise me, I had to escort her during her campaign and I can tell you that she's on her own time line and doesn't give a rip about anyone else.

    2. I'm surprised at Pat Robertson when he made those statements. That was a stupid thing to say in light of these tragedies. A devastating earthquake can happen anywhere in the world and it's not because god is punishing us.

    As far as security goes, yeah it would be nice if the soldiers could drop their weapons and pick up shovels. But from what I've seen on the news, it's getting a little chaotic and dangerous for the rescuers and people that are helping or being helped. So as far as soldiers laying down weapons, that's not going to happen because the conditions won't allow for it. There's one thing that I see is missing from your statement, Thanks for helping. That's what's missing. You've said absolutely nothing that would lead anyone to believe that the US is indeed leading the way in the rescue efforts. Yeah there's not enough help, but is there ever when tragedy strikes? It's always too little too late and almost never thanks for doing what you can. Someone is always Monday morning quarterbacking.

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    I agree that there will always be the scam artists and those who hope to profit from others pain.. But all in all this is quite a disaster and shocks continue to hit the area. I have friends over there assisting and Dr's.everywhere are trying to do surgery, set bones, deal with massive infections all the while there is constant need of fuel, water,antibiotics and basic needs that continue . Many are looking for their families and children. Some cases of surgery have been set up chairs outside. There are people who own planes who are flying others in to the area free to assist. Many good- hearted people are there trying very hard. I think they deserve credit for their sincere attempts to help another. The continued shocks don't help an already horrendous situation.

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    Haiti was a colony of France. I guess you're just used to blaming the US for everything. Damn these white people...except for the fact that racial intolerance was born out of Europe. See when people left the old country and got on the boat to come to the New World, they were from then on forced to deal with people who were different from them, be they Italian, or Scot, or Irish, or Welsh, or Brittish, or Spaniard. And that would be the thing that has allowed the United States to pull the rest of the world away from racial intolerance. In the old country, you would live in towns where everyone was the same color, spoke the same language, and held the same beliefs for the most part. It was easy for them to be racist.

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    Obviously you didn't hear that the $100 million was just an intitial donation. Of course, your biased website did not report that.

    If you didn't notice either, violence is rising. We've been in a situation where the government and the capital goes to crap (*cough*Iraq*cough*). Besides, without people there to protect them, NATO doctors just apparently leave. We need plenty of guns in that country that had a violence problem in the first place.

    Why is everyone insisting we ALWAYS pickup ALL the slack? Where is the majority of NATO in this? Where is Russia, China, India? The US sent over 5,000 troops so far, plus Navy carrier not to mention raising millions so far in aid.

    I don't see Hugo Chavez sending nearly as much aid as the US

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    I can agree with you on one thing ,it was a dumb move sending Hillary in at this time . They had to know that it would hold up getting needed supplies in.and makes one wonder if it is more important to put on a show than help the people.. Other than that sorry I I disagree.

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    As a conservative (I was one before you were born so I am not a neo-anything) I am ashamed of how the DEMOCRATS are handling Haiti, sure. If you want me to cry over Aristide don't hold your breath. Nobody mucked about in Haiti to more negative effect than Bill Clinton, who is now the UN Envoy to Haiti (what a laugh.)

    Please lets make the deaths of tens of thousands and excuse to bash the GOP. You are making Pat Robertson look good by comparison.

    Thanks for your contribution to the downfall of the Democratic majority in 2010! We can't do it alone.

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    Everybody involved is doing the best they can for the people of Haiti and I applaud all the efforts.

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    Bill Clinton certainly did his part in the destruction of relations between the US and Haiti.

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    As a conservative and a historian, I will point out that you have cherry picked certain parts of arguments and in no way does your narrative reflect the economic situation in Haiti.

    The main thing is that we get relief supplies to the people who are suffering and to help them get on their way rebuilding.

    The government situation there is another story and is NOT the result of the liberal fantasy of "US Imperialism"

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    Haiti is on the brink of anarchy. It will explode soon. To say the soldiers need to drop their guns and pick up shovels is naive, foolish, and ignorant.

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