What is the Name of the Artist I'm Trying to Describe?

I'll try to describe her work (pretty sure it's a woman).

She was pretty popular in the 90s. Her art was a little "kitschy." She paints a lot of brightly-colored, very stylized animals, usually many in one scene. She used rich, primary colors, and if I remember right, she'd often incorporate shapes and patterns into them like stars and swirls. The images reminded me a little of Eskimo/Inuit art, or even of cave paintings except she didn't use shading or anything like that. All the colors were solid, and most were outlined. They would be easy images in a coloring book or a paint-by-numbers set, with well-defined lines and sharply delineated colors. They were always cheerful images and almost childlike in their simplicity.

One of her paintings was of a girl/woman standing in the midst of a bunch of animals. She had her arms around them. I think there were cats, turtles, birds, and unidentifiable larger animals that might have been sheep or cattle or deer for all I remember. The woman had dark hair and wore a knee-length dress that was all the same colors as the animals.

If you have any questions, please ask. It's very hard to describe a painting, so I don't think I've done a very good job.


Catalina Estrada is a good guess, but that's not her. The artist I'm thinking of uses darker/bolder colors, no shading at all (that I recall), and the murals have an Eskimo/Inuit/Native American influence rather than the Japanese influence I see in hers. The paint (maybe acrylic?) is evenly applied. I did a quick little drawing that I think kind of gives the impression of her style, but I'm not artist, and I'm going by memory, so it may or may not be very helpful. Here is the link:


I'm not sure, but her name might be Ann something.

Update 2:

This work isn't hers, but the style of the animals is similar (the artist I'm thinking of does much better work, but when I saw this it reminded me of her a little, so maybe it will help).


Update 3:

Here's another artist with a similar style. Also has the Inuit/Eskimo influence.


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