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Tried and Tested Seafood Gumbo recipe?

So after seeing all sorts of delish looking New Orleans dishes in Princess and the Frog this past weekend (loved it! I highly recommend seeing. Yay disney for FINALLY having an African American princess!) I am in the mood for some seafood gumbo, the only issue is I dont have a recipe for it and I dont wann pick some random recipe online. Anyone out there have a recipe they have tried and/or know tastes good that they wouldnt mind sharing? Thanks so much!

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    Personally I don't really care for Zastarans.... But I do like Paul Prudhomme recipes. They are authentic. I do reduce a lot for the hot pepper spicy stuff though...

    Paul Prudhomme’s Cajun-Style Gumbo


    Yield: 10 servings

    1c. melted pork lard, or use peanut, corn or vegetable oil

    ¾c. flour

    2c. finely chopped onions

    1 ½c. finely chopped green peppers

    1c. finely chopped celery

    10small or 5 large bay leaves

    1 ¾tsp. cayenne pepper

    2tsp. freshly ground white pepper

    2tsp. freshly ground black pepper

    1tbsp. plus 1 tsp. finely minced fresh garlic

    6c. (about 1 ½ lb.) fresh, tender young okra cut crosswise into one-quarter-inch-thick rounds, or use 3 packages frozen, cut okra

    3c. smoked ham cut into “sticks” about 1-inch long and ½ inch wide (a ham known as tasso, a New Orleans specialty, is best for this. If you wish to make a Creole gumbo, do not use a heavily-smoked

    ¾tsp. garlic powder

    salt to taste, if desired

    4c. fresh tomatoes, peeled, seeded and coarsely chopped, about two pounds, or use chopped, imported canned tomatoes

    6c. fish stock

    1lb. peeled, blanched crayfish tails

    file powder to be added as desired, optional

    A heavy, black, iron skillet is almost essential for the preparation of this dish. It is also strongly recommended that all the ingredients be chopped and assembled before starting to cook. Combine and assemble them in the order in which they will be used so they may be added without hesitation. Heat one-half cup of the melted lard or oil in the skillet until it is barely smoking. Add the flour and stir vigorously and constantly with a wire whisk about three minutes or until the mixture is the color of dark chocolate. Take care that it does not burn. Quickly add half of the onions, one-half cup of the green peppers and one-half cup of the celery. Reduce the heat and cook, stirring, about three minutes. Add four small bay leaves or two large bay leaves, one teaspoon of cayenne pepper, one teaspoon white pepper, one-half teaspoon black pepper and cook, stirring, about one minute. Add one teaspoon of the minced garlic and cook briefly, stirring. Remove from the heat. Scrape the mixture into a large casserole and set aside. There should be about one-and-one-half cups. Heat the remaining one-half cup of melted lard or oil in a black iron skillet over very high heat. When it is hot and almost smoking, add the okra. Cook, stirring often, about 15 minutes. Frozen okra may require a shorter cooking time. Add the remaining onions, green peppers, celery and minced garlic, one cup of the ham and the remaining bay leaves. Continue cooking over high heat, stirring occasionally, for five minutes and add the remaining cayenne pepper, white pepper and black pepper, and the garlic powder. Add salt, if desired. Cook until the mixture is quite dry, about five minutes. Add the tomatoes. Stir and cook over high heat, stirring often, about 10 minutes. Stir carefully and often all over the bottom to prevent sticking and burning. Pour and scrape this mixture into the large casserole containing the browned flour. Add the fish stock and the remaining ham. Cook over moderately high heat for about one hour. Stir often all over the bottom. Add the crayfish tails or shrimp and bring to the boil. Let simmer about five minutes. The base of this gumbo before the seafood is added may be made several days in advance and refrigerated. It also may be frozen. When ready to serve, remove the bay leaves. Serve the file powder separately to be added by each guest according to taste. Serve with plain boiled or steamed rice.

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    Zaterain's is quick and super easy.

    They have mixes for:


    Dirty Rice

    Red Beans and Rice


    Cajun and Creole

    And you can add anything to spice it up. Like OKRA (I love okra and don't think any of these dishes are complete without it), onions, peppers, corn, chicken OR sausage and of course your choice of hot sauce.

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    Here are a bunch of Gumbo recipes that are easy to cook -

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