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About foreign aid money--?

The USA gives a massive amount in foreign aid money to countries all over the world, some out of what appear to be altruistic motives, and some as a means to secure our interests in certain areas (oil countries). I am curious what countries China gives foreign aid money to--- Does anyone know?


Actually, the USA has provided economic assistance to the Palestinians, as well... The full scope of what the USA has given around the world can be found on the Department of State website, go to the Congressional Reports section...

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    China is investing in Africa.

    This image from the BBC shows investment in and the sum of it

    To reflute BShermen

    China does offer military aid to countires here is an example of some.

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    More than %60 of the total aid of China goes to Africa, to all those countries that are rich in minerals and oil. Surprisingly Chinese communists try not to use the tag "Aid" but rather use the word "Economic Assistance" or some other such words. The reason is that a major chunk of their population is still struggling in poverty, so giving aid to others won't look good.

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    China is heavily investing in Africa, in billions and billions.

    USA is not the only one that uses oil. USA uses more because most of the US populations depend on gasoline to get around, lots of cars. USA is dependent on a good supply of oil.

    China is not too far behind. Especially recently it is paving millions of miles of roads. In few years China will surpass USA to become the number one oil consumer.

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    I am not sure about Africa, but currently China is providing a fair amount of aid to Haiti in wake of the devastating earthquake. I don't really see what they would get out of it, so it would seem that they are just trying to chip in and do their bit.

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    PRC foreign assistance is difficult to quantify. Still a developing country itself, China appears to administer foreign aid in an ad hoc fashion, without a centralized system, foreign aid agency and mission, or regularized funding schedule. Nor does Beijing publicly release foreign aid-related data. Some analysts surmise that the Chinese leadership is reluctant to be perceived as a major aid donor, since the PRC itself continues to be a recipient of foreign assistance and because the government fears that its citizens may object to lavish spending on economic projects abroad.

    Estimates of China’s foreign assistance, which consists mainly of concessional or low-interest loans and government-backed or subsidized investments in infrastructure and natural resources, vary widely due to the different definitions of aid. A relatively small portion of Chinese aid includes what typically is characterized as “official development assistance” (ODA) by the world’s major aid donors, such as development grants, humanitarian assistance, social welfare programs, and food aid. China also provides relatively little military and security-related assistance. Few of China’s foreign aid activities fit the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) definition of ODA — “flows of official financing to developing countries provided by official agencies which have a clear development or anti-poverty purpose and are at least partially concessional in nature,” with a grant element of at least 25%.

    China’s aid projects to a large extent serve its own development needs, facilitating the export of raw materials to China, and requiring that 50% of project materials and services are to be sourced in the PRC. By contrast, the foreign aid programs of the United States, European countries, and most other major aid donors are not directly or strongly linked to their own economies. Furthermore, they often include objectives or conditions related to political development and democratic reform. Among OECD countries, Japan’s history of ODA, with its relatively large loan component (from 60% in the mid-1990s to roughly 25% a decade later), emphasis on infrastructure projects, and links to its own economy, may come closest to providing a model for China’s foreign assistance.

    The major recipients of Chinese aid have been Africa, Latin America (Western Hemisphere), and Southeast Asia, again with Africa having most emphasis. You can find more detail in the US Congressional Research Service Report

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    Africa. The CCP will buy out Africa.

    The Chinese Communist Party will take over the African continent, take all Africa's natural resources.

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    You really need to define what is meant by "foreign aid". Most of the "foreign aid" that the United States provides is military assistance and loans to buy American weapons.

    The U.S. recently extended foreign (military) aid to Taiwan for the purchase of $6 billion worth of missiles. The U.S. also provides foreign (military) aid to Israel for its fight against the Palestinians, to Colombia for its fight against FARC insurgents, to the Philippines its fight fight against Abu Sayef and the NPA, to Iraq for its fight against Al-Qaeda, and so on . . .

    Recipient countries of Chinese aid are developing nations in Asia Pacific, Africa, and South America. China's foreign aid is primarily grants and low interest loans for the purpose of infrastructure construction, education, health care, and human development. China also runs numerous international programs teaching industrial and farming skills in developing countries. China provides no military aid anywhere in the world. China has a strict policy of not involving itself in foreign military affairs.

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