Acne products for daughter?

My daughter is starting to get some acne on her forehead and some pimples here and there. Her acne is not bad at all but i want to get her a product that will prevent future breakouts nd treat the acne she has now. She is 13 and has sensitive skin. And scrubs are not good on her face b/c she gets rashes. Please help! She really wants to get new face products! Also we are going to target later on so if you can find this product at Target the better!

~Thanks so much!!!

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    I am 24, and have sensitive skin.. prone to break outs, honest, I have tried everything! (even proactive) I've found the best products to be Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer..

    I'd try it first!

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    If she has blackheads/whiteheads,you will need to find her a cleanser/treatment with Salicylic Acid.Salicylic Acid help unclog pores and absorb dirt and oil.If she has zits,she will need a cleanser/treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide,as Benzoyl Peroxide kills bacteria.

    If you decide to buy each product individually,there are 3 steps to a good skin care routine.Cleanse,Tone and Moisturize.The Cleanser should contain and treatment.And if she has dry skin,get a creamy cleanser,if she has oily skin,get a gel or foamy cleanser.

    The toner should be alcohol free.No astringents.And the moisturizer should contain SPF 15 or more.

    If perhaps,you want to save money,go for a kit.Cause individually buying the products is more expensive.

    (C&C Acne Advantage kit)

    Or Try Biore products

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    I have very sensitive skin and used to have acne. The Clean and Clear Advantage Kit is a miracle worker. Have her wash with the cleanser for at the very least 30 seconds to make sure it's really cleaning her skin and use the lotion morning and night. I saw results after the first day, my skin looked more clear and healthier. Also, it can be found at Target!

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    i use Clinique bar soap for mild skin. i got it at macys in the make up section its really good for very mild acne. im 14 and use it and i have really sensitive skin as well. its just a bar of soap and i use it once a day and don't get anymore breaks outs. it did help my forehead and the mild pimples i get here and there. hope this can help your daughter

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    Arbonne has a great acne line called Clear Advantage and I would love to offer you my 35% discount. It is less harsh than a lot of the other acne lines out there and will not do long term damage to her skin. Please email me for info! Look forward to helping you clear up your daughter's skin!

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    neautrogena grapefruit face stuf works great and their at target. try those. i hav sensitive skin too. their good. just make sure she uses cold water and rinses her face wel with it.good luck. their like 6.99 each. cetaphil is the best though and is great for your skin and sensitive. try finding that first.

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    I love the neutrogena wave duo. it makes my skin super soft, but doesn't irritate it or anything. plus there are two settings, so u can do it gently or more vigorously if you want. plus, its at target!

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    shes pretty young.. but i used (proactive) and also used colon cleanse and ate lots of fiber to get rid of toxins... drank plenty of water and exercised.. this helped me :)

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    You should use stridex, and clearasil toner

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    u can try proactive

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