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Has one of your favourite music artists/actors/etc. ever die? How did you react?

Have you ever had a music artist or an actor/actress or anything of that nature that was really important to you die? How did you react? Did you cry? For how long?

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    Michael Jackson. My favorite music artist died, and it shocked me. For some reason, I had a feeling he would never die. But he did. I hated that day, it shattered me. Patrick Swayze, who was a favorite actor of mine. Not top favorite, but still favorite, had died. Tore me, and when I heard, I almost cried. Wylie Draper, my all-time favorite actor. But he died before I was born, but I'm still sad. Because I never got to meet him and he died so soon from luekemia.

    I cried for each one. Yes, even Wylie. (Try being a big fan of him, and then watching Gone Too Soon a tribute to him. It gets to me. )

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    The day Michael Jackson died was a very sad day for me. My mom grew up with him, my sister grew up with him, and I grew up with him. He was like family even though I never met him. I cried so hard and some days I still cry. It's so heartbreaking that this beautiful man was gone way to soon. It makes me sad that I didn't get to meet him.

    Whenever I think about the fact that John Lennon was murdered, it makes me cry really hard because it's so heartbreaking that such a beautiful man was murdered the way he was. It also makes me sad that I never met him. I wasn't even born yet when he was murdered, but it still is heartbreaking for me that he isn't here.

    I have a hard time accepting that Michael and John are gone, but they will always live in my heart. They are both beautiful people sent from above who were put on this earth to spread the message of love, peace, and hope. I'll love them forever.

    John Lennon 1940-1980

    Michael Jackson 1958-2009

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    I had a personable cat who might consistently come to the piano, and take a seat by way of me on the bench on each occasion I performed. He particularly looked as though it might love the vibrations of Mozart's music. This comparable cat became completely freaked on the extreme frequencies and unfamiliar timbres of composers' Otto Luening / Vladimir Ussachevsky recording of early digital music from the N.Y. Columbia U. digital music branch - ears down, crouch stance, happily snorkeling a chair to cover. I had yet another cat (i'm previous, there are numerous generations of companionable critters in my heritage) who might bounce up on the grand piano's lid (down place), lie on his area, and drop his head down sideways and watch the hammers and dampers pass, curiously with deep activity. Voltaire defined a violin as a wood field strung with cat gut it somewhat is then stroked with horse hair as a manner to tickle the ear. i ask your self what cats might have theory-approximately that sound from those collective components. canines howling while (some) people sing or carry out? Critics. Oh, and Florence Foster? What a HOOT! actually. maximum suitable, Petr B.

  • George Harrison of the Beatles. That one really knocked me around cos he was my favourite Beatle and all. I saw the headline that "another part of the Beatles legend is gone" and the finality of that really hit me in the guts. I started crying and was gone for about five minutes.

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