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can you express milk more or less straight away?

i really dont want to breast feed but i am will to express what options do i have

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    I expressed from when my daughter was 5days old til she was 8mths, due to her lack of latching. It is hard work and very hard to stay on top of the babies demand. But don't let anyone tell you that you CAN"T do it, you may or you may not, it's not impossible. My daughter quite frequently had formula as well as her breastmilk but up until she was about 6mths old she always had more breastmilk then formula bottles. If you choose to do this it is best to breastfeed until your milk comes in, this helps your supply. If you are expressing from the very start I would suggest you express what you can and then feed that to the baby, then express straight after you feed the baby and that is it's next feed, this way your supply will increase with your babies appetite. It is hard to do though. The best way to get more milk is to express for shorter period of time e.g 10mins is just as good as 20mins (I found) but more frequently every 2 hrs instead of 4. You shouldn't go anymore then 3hrs between expressing when starting. It is also better to express from both breasts at the same time, but not essential. You start with short quick pumps for 20 or so then do longer slower pumps, this mimics a babies sucking pattern and helps a letdown happen quicker.

    I hope this info helps and if you have anymore questions just post them here and I'll keep checking. Good luck.

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    When your baby is born, colostrum is what is first produced.

    It is possible to pump it, but it will only be drops at first. But as baby's belly is the size of a marble at this point, that is all right.

    Ideally, you'd get a pump and start pumping within 30 min. of baby being born.

    Those first few weeks, to really get your supply in, you need to pump at least as often as baby is eating. Or 12 times a day preferably.

    You need to get a double electric pump

    A Medela Pump In Style Advanced

    or an Ameda Purely Yours

    Or a Lansinoh Double electric are all good ones (the lansinoh is the same as the Ameda, just differently colored plastic)

    Most hospitals will provide you with one, while you are there, but you have to ask for it. And some do not provide them.

    Your milk will come in if you only pump, but some women don't respond well to the pump. That is why it is so important to pump that often when you first have baby.

    Pumping for 15-20 min. at least 8 -12 times a day, will really help your body adjust to the pump.

    At a certain point, you may have to take supplements to keep your supply up.

    Fenugreek capsules taken in conjunction with alfalfa can help your milk supply.

    Be sure to drink plenty of water.

    Eating oatmeal everyday if you can.

    These can help if you are needing to up your supply. Although, you do not need the supplements unless your supply is low.

    If you are interested in exclusively pumping, try going to

    They have a board there for EP'ers as they call themelves.

    They will have a wealth of info.

    I'd be glad to answer anymore questions you have as well.

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    If baby is being sick when she burps it's nothing to worry about, but if shes just throwing everything back that you've just given her there may be a problem, your breast and bottle feeding?? This really isn't advised for such a young baby but when shes bottle fed try slowing the feeds down by stopping and winding every couple of minutes, when shes breast fed she dictates how much she takes anyway. If she throws up the whole lot then leave her for half an hour and try again, but I would advise speaking to your health visitor. Good luck.

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    Well....if you pump right off you won't be stimulating your supply as well as a baby does. Some women literally cannot pump an ounce, so keep that in mind. Plus it is very time-consuming, and can be uncomfortable. I'd much rather nurse!!

    May I ask why you don't want to nurse? If you've never done it before, why not just give it a shot? The health benefits for you and your baby are amazing, it's free, and so darn easy at nights or on the go. If I have my baby with me, I need nothing else for her but a clean diaper during errands. So nice.

    Source(s): Nursing my 2nd baby
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    my milk didnt come in until 4 days after birth

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