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1.teenage problems

2.pop culture


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    The teenage years are fraught with all kinds of problems (充滿各種問題的), from low self-esteem and peer pressure to lack of motivation and chronic untidiness. We cannot solve all the problems by ploughing through the troubleshooting guide but we can defeat those problems by communicating to parents. As a typical teenager, I sometimes snicker at my mom’s suggestions or outfit, roll my eyes in disgust, treating her like dirt and scrapheap what she force me to keep. I know my parents feel so hurt by me, but I can’t help it. I am sentimental and emotional. I’ve been trying to fend off these habits and scandalous behavious but I just can’t. One day, I had a chit-chat with mom and found that she thought I am sassy and rambunctious. She thought I changed a lot as I always have argy-bargies with her. Though it’s may be difficult, we ought to pay more attention on parents and care more about them.

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    she forceS


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