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Are there birds in Canada?

Im thinking of visiting and might bring my camera so im curious to know if the have any birds i know they have moose

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    There's one bird in all of canada. all the locals take weekly turns caring for it. If the bird dies, then that family must leave canada and not return until they have found another bird.

    If you'd like to photograph the bird, you can find the address of the current caretakers on canada's website,

    I hear its very nice!

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    The answer is yes. There are many types of birds here. Too many to list, but some of the well known birds that we have here are the Blue Jays, Sparrows, Hawks, Eagles, Owls, Canada Geese, Crows, Pigeons, Humming Birds, Red Robins, Finches. Of course this is only a short list, but you can google anything more that you require.

    The types of animals that we have which are in Canada (which may or may not be seen) are Wolves, Moose, Raccoons, Skunks, Coyotes, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Beavers, Badgers, Brown Bears, Black Bears, Grizzlies, Elk, Deer and a whole lot more.

    Hope this helps.

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    Where's Canada?

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    Yes, there are birds in Canada.

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    Yes, approximately half the population is's how we manage to make little Canadians.

    Yes, I know that it is was meant to be. That's like me asking if there are any trees in the US.

    Now, to put on my Serious Answer Hat...

    It depends on where in Canada, being the second largest Country in the world, with about 7x the land area of the Continental US, you want to go, and when. In the High Arctic in the middle of December, there are no birds. You visit a city in Southern Canada, and there are dozens to scores of species of birds active year round.

    Here's a link you may find handy if you genuinely enjoy Ornithology.

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    I live in Canada and I don't know what a bird is

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    I seriously hope there are no birds in Canada. I'm a bloke in the UK and my boyfriend and I are emigrating to Canada as we heard there were absolutely no birds. We don't like birds with their makeup, handbags, propensity for collecting shoes and constant chat. We only like blokes.

    We do, however, like ornithology and hope to see many examples of avian life in Canada.

    Source(s): My favourite source is Beer!
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    Of course there are birds in Canada. It's a little known fact, but Big Bird from Sesame Street is Canadian. And his family still lives there. I think one of his cousins is a Mountie.

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    Of course there are birds, and some extend very far north. In winter ravens are active in Yellowknife and Inuvik. In summer there are a lot more birds in the arctic.

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    There have been no birds in Canada since the great goose hunt of 1974. Get some common sense dumb butt.

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    Are you serious?

    The country is as diverse as the USA or any country in the world with it's wildlife!

    Come on!

    Just to name a few, here's what you can find....

    ruffed grouse, black capped chickadee,downy woodpecker, red tailed hawk, blue heron, peregrine falcon, snowy owl, and heck, even the canada goose!

    Enjoy your visit!

    Source(s): personal experience (native to canada)
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