MJ fans: what are some unbiased, authorised books about MJ? I want books that not only talk about his music?

I have Moonwalk, and reading The Magic and Madness - you can answer my Q on that if you want, link is below - that I borrowed from the library.

Tbh Moonwalk was a little boring for me cause I'm looking for stuff on MJ the man, not really his music, records etc..

And besides MJ the Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones, any others??


PS: and what does it mean by 'authorised'? Meaning MJ himself announced that the book/(s) said true things about him?

Please *STAR* if you'r an MJ fan, even if you can't answer, cos your contacts might be able to!


@¿Smooth Criminal? : how much does it cost?? can it be found online??

and for those who gave/intend to give malicious answers, FYI, I am NOT looking for stuff like how glitter flies across the skies when he uses the bathroom.

I just want true stories of his life, some funny stuff, his hobbies and experiences (not just his work), that isn't too much to ask, is it?

Update 2:

what's up with the TDs, people? haters don't troll my question please and don't TD my answerers!! what's wrong with you?!!

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    Michael Jackson Treasures talks about his whole life & career & has fan Memorabillia inside

    Source(s): i have it but it costs alot
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    dont % haters to renowned approximately it, you're a HATER. you comprehend that it will make the haters happy so, you % to disclaim them get right of entry to to it. it rather is hater. you % some extra training, who cares approximately MJs life is what that's and the author can write and positioned up although he needs, its a loose u . s .. its in basic terms a e book in any case, michael replaced into tried in a courtroom of regulation by using his friends, after that its NOBODYS employer, no person. and sorry, IMHO i think of paying off a infant molester, is morally a some distance worse act than certainly molesting a infant, in basic terms knowledgeable stable human beings will understand that. and that i dont even comprehend what i believe approximately that concern and that i for my section dont care, i nonetheless like his music, and actually, he would have murdered those teenagers and ate their penises, it does not impact my liking/disliking his music one bit. you non haters are disgracing him by using attempting to regulate what others would examine in worry they're going to edge with an opposite view. does not you % a individual to source all avenues of counsel before making a selection, or might you incredibly they only pay attention to you, or me, or their pal, or the information, and purely pass with although the subsequent terrific individual advised them, and not each and every of the evidence, pretend made up stuff secure?

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    I'm sure I already answered this. The only two to read are Moonwalk and Dancing the Dream. Some things about his personal life you, we just won't know about and shouldn't. He's allowed to have secrets and privacy like everybody else. You can watch interviews there are a lot of them.

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    I'm still searching for a good book but I read this edition of the "Historical" magazine issue and it's all about Michael. I thought it was VERY good because it wasn't biased or untrue. It's a really good thing. It's called "The King Of Pop" Historical Collction issue and I got it for 7.99$.

    Plus there are amazing pictures of him.

    Hope this helps ♥

    And no, it doesn't contain silly stuff like how many times he went to the bathroom in a day. There are quotations from his friends on his hobbies and his funny sense of humor. What cool stuff he did. Things like that. :)

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    1 decade ago

    I've read 'Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson by Ian Halperin', it's really interesting,

    although there is a bit of information in there that I find quite outrageous and have chosen not to believe. But there is a lot of interesting stuff in there.

    It even includes a transcript of Jordan Chandler telling his psychiatrist about MJ "molesting" him.

    I was able to point out details that made it obvious that Jordan was lying.

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    1 decade ago

    Just search for sme his Books in the following website ...

    www.scribd.com ...

    You will surely get some useful to you about MJ ..

    GOod luck

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    1 decade ago

    Get this book. It's extremely positive and has lots of great pictures.


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