Bailey Nadia Grace, Becca Norah Gwendolyn or Bianca Naomi Gabrielle?

So which one do you like?? I myself love Bailey Nadia Grace, because my name is Hope and Nadia means Hope! Grace is also my best friends name and Bailey is my dogs name (he's a boy but whatever!)


There I asked a question! Please don't delete this question now!!!


1. You go to school in a.(state/country). You meet your perfect guy there and start going out. His name is b.(name). You get through school and decide to go to college to study c.(subject). Your boyfriend can't stand to be away from you so he decided to go to the same college d.(college).

2. A year later your boyfriend proposes to you on Valentines Day. You get married in e.(place), and honeymoon in f.(place/country).

3. Two months later you find out that you're pregnant! During your pregnancy your brother g.(name) is in a fatal car crash and, thinking they might not be around to meet the baby, decide to make their name your babies middle name. When your baby is born you find out that it's a girl! You have to turn your brothers name into a female version, you name her h.(name).

4. Your little girl is 16 months and you discover that you're pregnant again! This time you get twins, two girls! Their first names have to be naturey and their second names have to start with the same letter. You name them i.(name) and j.(name).

5. You know that your husband is secretly pining for a little boy, so you try again. Yay, you get twin again! A boy and a girl. Your grandma insists in naming the twins and goes troll on you, so you end up with twins with rhyming names! Luckily you get to choose their middle names, so they can use them if they want to! You name them k.(boy) and l.(girl).

6. Now that you have five children your three bedroomed house is bursting at the seams! Where do you move to? m.(Country, state, city). Which house do you most like?





7. Now that you have a bigger house you decide to get a pet! You get a r.(animal,breed,color,name). After a wild night at your friends 30th birthday party you find out you're pregnant again! You get a little boy, and you name him after two childhood friends. You name him s.(boys name).

8. After trying to get pregnant again and failing, you decide to turn to fertility treatments. You get pregnant, with sextuplets (6)! Oh my goodness, how will you manage? Somehow you do, and you get four boys and two girls. You name them your all time favorite names! Their names are t.(boys) u.(boys) v.(boys) w.(girls) x.(boys) and y.(girls)!

9. Well done! You now have (girl) 11, (girl) 9, (girl) 9, (boy) 8, (girl) 8, (boy) 5, (boy) 3, (boy) 3, (boy) 3, (girl) 3, (boy) 3 and (girl) 3. What are their names again? And what are their nicknames?

Hope you enjoyed it! And for answering by question at the start!

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  • renner
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    haha I *hate* when people delete name game questions! Why??

    I like Bianca Naomi Gabrielle! Bianca is a very pretty name, feminine and ages well. The only reason I don't like it too much is because I've known a few Biancas so I guess the name has lost its "freshness" to me... Naomi is quite beautiful and soft, and selfishnes aside it sounds a lot like my own name haha. Gabrielle is a much cuter alternative to Gabriella, which, in my opinion, is just a tad bit too girly and long. I would change the order to Naomi Bianca Gabrielle. And your choice is my second favorite.

    Now on to the game!

    1. a. North Carolina (U.S.) / b. Romeo? / c. something child-related. Occupational Therapy or Early Childhood, maybe / d. UNC

    2. e. Israel (I miss my home...) / f. honeymoon in Europe and the Caribbeans (yes we are THAT rich)

    3. g. I don't have a brother so I'll go with my cousin Roy (pronounced like roe-EE). h. Lyla Rolee (roe-LEE)

    4. i. Skye Alessandra / j. Ivy Aurelia (au-REH-lee-uh)

    5. Maybe Leo and Cleo? Like Cleopatra? k. Leo Soren / l. Cleo Sienna

    6. m. Spain! Third house if I had to pick out of those (p)

    7. r. Jelly the little black puppy lab (:

    s. Daniel Peter (Daniel was my neighbor/friend and is also my grandpa's name, Peter is after my best childhood friend, Petra)

    8. These aren't necessarily my favorite names, just combinations of names that I like and that I think would go with the rest of the children:

    t. Liam Davis

    u. Chase Michael (Michael after my other grandpa)

    v. Weston Blake

    w. Venice Marie (after my grandma Mary)

    x. Dylan James (James after another family member)

    y. Noelle Rosaleen


    Lyla Rolee (Lala)

    Skye Alessandra (Lessy)

    Ivy Aurelia (VV?)

    Leo Soren (Lion?)

    Cleo Sienna- goes by Sienna (Patra, as in Cleopatra)

    Daniel Peter (Danny)

    Liam Davis (Lilo?)

    Chase Michael (Chasy)

    Weston Blake (West)

    Venice Marie (Talia, like Italia)

    Dylan James (Dyl)

    Noelle Rosaleen (Noey)

    ..Sorry I'm pretty bad with nicknames. So we got Lyla, Skye, Ivy, Leo, Sienna, Daniel, Liam, Chase, Weston, Venice, Dylan and Noelle (:

  • Calla
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    1 decade ago

    Bailey Nadia Grace

    1. Phoenix, Arizona

    Everett Maxwell "Rhett"

    Art & Photography


    2. California


    3. Joseph Isaac

    Isabella Audrey

    4. Lake Madelyn

    Skye Margaret

    5. Rylee Jackson

    Mylee Savannah

    6. Country

    House Q

    7. Dog, Puggle, Tan, Harley

    Caleb James

    8. Judah Theodore

    Isaac Abraham

    Asher George

    Charlotte Rose

    Daxton Edward

    Evalyn Grace

    Bella, Lake, Skye, Jack, Mylee, Cale, Jude, Zac, Ash, Lola, Dax & Eva

  • 1 decade ago

    Bailey Nadia Grace

    1.a. Austin, TX.

    b. James Wentworth

    c. Educational Psychology with a minor in photography

    d. UT (were not far apart, but his family is OU fans, so the price was high).

    2. e. small local church with flair

    f. Upper state NY and Niagara Falls

    3. g. Joel

    h. Kieran Joelle

    4. i. January Hanna

    j. Isla Hazel

    5. k. Bailey James

    l. Kailey Hope

    6. m. Santa Fe, NM

    n. the house would be the most fitting for the area.

    7. r. dog. rescue shepherd mix. tri-color. Watch (from the boxcar children)

    s. Thomas Brent

    8. t. Liam Daniel

    u. Lucas Peterson

    v.Cole Robert

    w. Leighton Brier

    x.Connley Mark

    y.Carrington Michelle

    9. Kerri, Jani, Hazelnut, Bay, Kai, Trey (the first five)

    Liam, Luka, Cole, Brier, Lee, Cara (the six following)

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    I like Bianca Naomi Gabrielle

    1. California. Joshua Moses. Fashion. UCLA

    2. California. Honeymoon in Italy

    3. Michael. Jasmine Mikaela

    4. Dalia Ashley and Rosa Angelita

    5. Tristan Johnathan and Kristen Olivia

    6. Q. Miami Florida

    7. Golden Retriever named Prince

    8. Christian William, Thomas James, Joshua Moses, Richard Luis, Alexis Madison, Elizabeth Natalya

    9. So I have: Jazz, Dali, Rose, Johnny, Kristy, Chis, Tommy, Josh, Ricky, Lexi, Lizzie

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  • AJ 234
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    1 decade ago

    a. Minnesota

    b. Jack

    c. Spanish

    d. Northwestern

    e. Northern Minnesota

    f. Argentina

    g. Matt

    h. Alexa Madeline

    i. Linnea Noelle

    j. Violet Naomi

    k. Bradley Christopher

    l. Hadley Kate

    m. Minnesota

    house p.

    r. goldendoodle named Kingsley

    s. Carson Blake

    t. Elijah Samuel

    u. Asher James

    v. Silas David

    w. Caroline Jane

    x. Logan Matthew

    y. Delaney Elise

    Alexa, Linnea, Violet, Bradley Christopher (Topher), Hadley, Carson, Elijah (Eli), Asher, Silas, Caroline, Logan, and Delaney (Laney)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1.- Radford, Virginia


    -Early Childhood Edu

    - Radford

    2.-Winery near my home town

    -Cayman Islands


    -. Elaina Mickay -Nicknamed Ella

    4.-Gemma Rose -meaning Jewel and Rose

    - Kailey Grace

    5.-Austin Tristan

    -Ava Tyler

    6.-Some place nice in North Carolina

    -House P

    7.-Great Dane named Jake

    -Walker Thomas


    -Colten James

    -Jackson Alexander

    -Lucas Michael

    -Sienna Alyse

    -Landon Joel

    -Kyler Raine

    Elaina (ELLA), Gemma & Kailey, Ava & Austin, Walker, Colton (COLE) Jackson (JACK) Lucas (LUKE) Sienna Landon &Kyler

  • 1 decade ago

    Almost fooled me with your title question.


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