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I need some room decorating tips. I need some ideas on wall hangings and organization....... Can you help me?

I love old Hollywood and Audrey Hepburn. My favorite color is purple and I love black accents.....

Swirls and twirls, polka dots as long as they're not like I'm 5 (I'm NOT I promise![:). Thank you so much!

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    So here is what I would do to give your room a cheap but great make over.

    1. Paint your walls. Make them purple.

    2. Buy a new bed spread. Get a bed-in-a-bag from walmart, target, meijers, or kohls. Remember, its not where you get the bed spread its how your room looks when it all comes together.

    3. Buy some cute accent pillows to throw on your bed.

    4. Get yourself a cute rug to go on the floor. Make sure it has all the colors you want in it. And if you go with a solid color rug, Dont buy purple. Buy your accent color.

    5. Go and get some cute curtains. They dont have to block out the light, they just have to be cute.

    6. Now for your wall accents. Go ahead and get some pictures of your girl audrey. The only thing I suggest is getting them framed. Only do black and white. Put it in a black frame with a white mat. Collect a few picture like that and place them all on one wall and make them a piece together. So that not one picture is your art, but them together as a whole are a piece of art.

    7. Buy those cool wall stickers so you can have black swirls and twirls on things.

    For the organization.

    1. Buy those cool plastic bins that are made to go under your bed. I mean look at all that space you could be utilizing.

    2. Put up some selves in your room. Make them black. But dont crowd them with odds and ends.....

    3. Get some of those cool boxes that are colored. You know, the ones that are like fancy shoe boxes but also allow you to label them. Anyways, I would buy two black and one silver and stack them somewhere. That would look great.

    4. If you have a dresser and you notice that some of your drawers are half empty, pack it so you make yourself and empty drawer and then fill it with odds and ends that you dont know what else to do with.

    5. Make sure you are using closet space. Buy some of those cheap selves that stack or those plastic bins. Place them all in your closet and USE them.

    6. Now, you are always going to have objects in your life that you cant part with because they mean to much to you. At the same time, these objects have absolutely no point in your everyday life and they just clutter the space around you. Find those items and pack them very safely away in a box. store your box in an attic or a basement. This way you always have them and they are always safe.

    I hope this helps. If you need anymore ideas, feel free to email me. I love this stuff.

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    Wow, this sounds exactly like me! I have this adorable Audrey Hepburn poster in my room with a silver frame and also one from gone with the wind (both are black and white so they match), but a black frame would be a great way to add a black accent. also try a black vase with fresh or fake purple flowers that would match the other purple tones in your room, and black baskets in your closet or on shelves to put things that would otherwise look junky in is a great way to stay organized!! hope i helped! :)

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