I don't understand Meryl Streep's T-bone joke in her Golden Globe speech.?

She said, "“I want to change my name to T-Bone. T-Bone Streep.” while accepting her Golden Globe for Best Actress for Julie & Julia. Can someone explain it to me?

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    It's a SEINFELD reference.

    In the episode "THE MAID", George says to Jerry "Well, Jerry, I been thinkin'. I've gotten as far as I can go with George Costanza" and wants to change his name to T-Bone.

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    Yes, it was a reference to the Seinfeld quote that Markus pointed out and a shout out to fellow GG nominee/winner T-Bone Burnette. I thought it was really quirky and funny, much like Streep herself. But her speech was great overall, and I loved the humble "I’ve played so many extraordinary women over the years that I’m getting mistaken for one," as well as the touching tribute to her mother. Streep's the gold standard for American actresses, and a class act as well.

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    OK, so it took me a while but I actually am SURE that this is the right answer:

    A "T-bone collision" or "T-bone accident" is when one car/vehicle crashes into another.

    Meryl was nominated for 2 different movies in the same category.

    She won for Julie & Julia, and not for It's Complicated, so it's as if Julie & Julia "crushed" It's Complicated.

    Source(s): Wikipedia for definition of: T-BONE (DISAMBIGUATION)
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    1 decade ago

    I think I have the right answer...

    Since Meryl is doing the awards circuit she probably noticed that one of the nominees for best song was named T Bone and the name probably struck her as funny. So it was an inside Hollywood type joke.


    Music & Lyrics by: Ryan Bingham, T Bone Burnett

    Source(s): Research on the web.
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    I think it's because she's the most nominated actress for the Golden Globes and she was nominated twice in the same category.

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    i didn't really understand that until now, i just thought abt it, i think she meant t-bone because she plays julia child in julie and julia and julia child is a famous cook. that's what i thought, hope it help[s! =D

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    i agree with the first answer.... CAN YOU BELEIVE PAUL MCCARTNEY DIDNT WIN??????????

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