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Friends messing with ouija board question?

So, my friends are over at another friend's house, and I'm not there, and my friend texted me saying that were playing with an ouija board. My friend called me and said they contacted some ghosts. They were still doing it when she called me. Can this affect me even though I'm not there? I mean, I didn't say for them to ask any questions. I was just listening to what was going on over the phone. Could these spirits haunt me or something? I'm really freaked out.

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    For all those who say that ouija boards don't work; you obviously have no idea. I admit that I have played once, and it did work, and I'm forever freaked out by it. Don't worry, though. You're pretty safe where you are. You should, however, talk to your friends and convince them to stop playing for good. :) Have a lovely day!

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    I have been collecting and using Ouija boards for 20 years and nothing "scary" has ever happened as a result. The answers you get from the board come from your subconscious. You've got yourself all psyched up that something bad is going to happen, so of course it will. Take a deep breath and stop trying to look for evil. It's all in your head.

  • Ouija boards are a bunch of bs I don't think

    they can really contact ghosts...I'm sure you're

    perfectly safe.

  • Quickly, lock your doors. I think Emily Rose is trying to get in!

    Lol, people still play with those stuff? I remember when my cousin got hers and literally pissed on herself the same night when I pretended to be posessed. Oh good times, but no they won't come after you...I suppose.

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    "If the young men bring up such subjects as Ouija boards, séances, spiritualism, or Satan worship, you should tell them that such things are tools of Satan and that we have been counseled to avoid them completely"

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    Ouija boards are a load of bull. Just my opinion.

  • nope. unless you know some ghost that travel through telephone wires.

    but really, thats all BS.




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    it might posses you cell phone I've seen it befor it's really freaky.

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