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Baby names....baby name questions?

1. What is your first and middle name (you can just make one up if you feel uncomfortable)

2. What would you like your first and middle name to be or would you leave it alone?

3. If you had a son and somehow had to incorporate YOUR name into his what would you name him? You can do this any way you want.

4. If you had a girl and had to incorporate your husbands, crushes, or fathers name (you pick) what would you call her?

5. What names would you give male female twins if their first names were anything you wanted, middle names nature related?

6. What would you name a girl if her first name had to end with A, middle name after a jewel?

7. What would you name twin boys if their first names both had to be from the same country/nationality? Middle names anything.

8. Lastly what do you want to name your kids and if you have them already feel free to list them! :)


1. Greta Ann

2. Christina Ann

3. Gavin Anthony

4. Jamie Katherine (James)

5. Anneliese Winter, Vincent Drake

6. Anastasia Pearl

7. Brody Oliver and Declan James

8. Hallie Marissa, Anastasia Rose, Vincent James, Brody Connor, Ethan Michael ( i only want like 2-3 kids though)

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    10 years ago
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    1. Samantha Jane

    2. Adrienne Jane (I love Jane-it's a family name- but Samantha is wayyyy too common for the late 1980's babies!)

    3. Dominic Samuel

    4. Kaia Willa (after William)

    5. Camden Hunter and Natalie Rose

    6. Jada Ruby

    7. Declan Michael and Conor Joshua (Irish)

    8. Dominic Roman, Camden Michael and Christopher Joshua for boys; Victoria Jane, Adrienne Christine, and Jada Grace (I only want 3...maybe four)

  • 4 years ago

    1. Benjamin Robert - I love this name. Benjamin is such a strong, masculine, intelligent name. I absolutely LOVE the nickname Benji! It's so cute and it's different then the usual Ben. I think this name ages well, and Robert is a great middle name. 2. I'd definitley name her Indiana Piper. I've always loved the name Indiana but i didn't think anybody else liked it. I posted a question about it once and got bad feedback so i decided not to include it in my favorites anymore :P 3. Mallory Addison and Cassidy Farrah :D 4. Either Benjamin or Nathaniel. I think those are both strong first names that would both flow nicely with Robert - Benjamin Robert, Nathaniel Robert. 5. Charlotte nn Charley; Arabella nn. Ella/Ellie. 6. Nathaniel Robert (as above) sound great together. Also, Nathaniel Thomas and Nathaniel Lucas sound nice. 7. I love the names Shannon and Dakota but they don't sound right as middle names. Also Myles for a boy name doesn't sound great as a middle name. 8. I think Byron and Spencer are great names for brothers - Spencer is my second favorite boy name and Byron is different, but cute. I think Juliet and Xavier are good names that work well with Spencer and Byron. 9. Jennifer Louise and Johnathan Eric - Jennifer Love Hewitt & Johnny Depp :D 10. I don't really know all the people in the Y!A Baby Name section, so i'm gonna skip this question :P I just like answering questions lol.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1. Angela Dawn

    2. Leave it alone

    3. Daniel Andrew

    4. Alexandria Jasmine (Alvin)(Dad)

    5. Lucia Wynter and Gabriel Autumn

    6. Isabella Gemma

    7. Chandler James (French)(Grandpa)

    8. Girls-Amelia Katherine, Diana Elisabeth, Liliana Joy, Lucia Wynter, and Laurel Willow.

    Boys-Gabriel James, Ethan Benjamin, Aiden Reese, and Nathaniel Ryan.

  • 10 years ago

    1. Alexa Jacqueline Veronica

    2. Stephanie Elizabeth

    3. Alexander John

    4. Josie Carolynn

    5. Stephanie Brooke, Jackson Drake

    6. Ariana Jayde

    7. Connor James and Michael Joseph

    8. Stephanie Jessica, Casey Elizabeth, Jayden Carolynn & Michael Joesph

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    1.Haley Marie

    2.Harriet Rose or Eleanor Rose

    3. Noah Marien

    4.Alexandria Lynn (Alexander)

    5.Autumn Jane or Rayne Julia, Skyler James

    6.Arianna Ruby? (I dont know any Jewels)

    7. Hayden Tyler and Kayden Joey or Curtis John and Christipher Andrew

    8. I wanna wait untill i have a boyfriend or husband before i start deciding names

  • 10 years ago

    1. Laura Denise

    2. Ummm... Kennedi Sloane

    3. Laurence Cain

    4. Justina Rowan

    5. Avery Raine (f) and Dylan Asher (m)

    6. Alexis Jade

    7. Antonio Alexander and Carlos Blake (Italian)

    8. (I only want 2 or 3) Kennedi Sloane, Avery/Aspen Rayne, Mackenzie Rae OR Dylan Scott, Jason Tyler, Matthew Ryan

    Source(s): You should definitely make a baby name game :) I loved your questions
  • Clary
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    10 years ago

    1. Clara Ellen

    2. I like it the way it is :]

    3. Elliott Sinclair

    4. Joss Winona (Joshua)

    5. Gabriel Ash & Anna Willow

    6. Samantha Ruby

    7. Lachlan Judah & Seamus Benjamin

    8. William Henry, Maxwell Preston, Anna Renee, Sophie Adele & Madeleine Eve

    I love Anastasia Rose and Ethan Michael btw :)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1. Stephanie Georgia

    2. I would keep my first name but probably want a more feminine middle name since both of my names are female versions of male names. Also, Georgia has no familial meaning so I'd want my middle name to be a family name like Rose, Karen, Grace, Elena, Mae, Evelyn, etc.

    3. Grant Stephan

    4. Eden Jamie (Dennis & James)

    5. Corinna Ivy & William Drake (Cora & Liam)

    6. Amelia Ruby

    7. Ian Dennis & Declan James

    8. Calista Kathleen, Vivienne Maia (Vivi), Susannah Elise (Zanna), Johnathan James (John), Keith Denson, & Grant Elias (All middle names are family names. I want 2-4 kids.)

  • 10 years ago

    1) Jordyn Sierra

    2) Leave it Alone

    3) Chace Jordan

    4) Cameron Jacob (boy is Jacob)

    5) Ethan River and Brenna Jasmine

    6) Amelia Emerald

    7) Braden Oliver and Conor Jack

    8) Ethan Cole, Brenna Charlotte, Keira Juliette, Connor Avery

  • 10 years ago

    1. Olivia Paige

    2. Rose Natalia

    3. Oliver Patrick

    4. Adrienne Josephine

    5. Gabriella Violet and Spencer Oakley

    6. Amelia Jade

    7. Jack Benjamin and Hayden Josiah [English]

    8. Rose Natalia or Caroline Audrey...Spencer Thomas. :]

    Very fun!

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