Okay I'm officially in High School! :D?

lol ok so I'm now in high school and I want to go through like an extreme make over if you get my meaning. I would like to change the way I do hair, change the way I do makeup, change the way I dress, and just plain change the way I look.

If you could send me some nice hair dos makeup looks and basically the works I would be so grateful.

I was also thinking on getting a perm and I was wondering if I have frizzy hair what will happen if I get a perm.

do you recommend I get a perm professionaly or do you think its okay to do it myself please help people I need some answers okay thanks!

Description of me:

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair

Hair Texture: Thin, Slightly Wavy, Frizzy

Height: about 4'9-5'2

Weight: 110

(I don't know if this matters but my mom says I have long legs) Idk what that means???

I have medium to none self confidence

and I would love samples of makeup :D

if you need anymore information then put your answer I will check back and put additional information and then you can put a new answer :D

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    I'm a sophmore in high school, and i've been finding my style over the past two years. I think those things are what you find through experimenting with what works for you. I've always loved clothes and shopping, but this year I've just gotten into clothing and fashion a lot more. You have to find your style, which is something that you can only do for yourself. It's not something you should stress about, but you should be comfortable with what you're wearing and enjoy getting dressed and putting together outfits. I love shopping online, and there are lots of websites that give me inspiration. I love online fashion blogs.

    For makeup, I'd say that you should start with simplicity. When it's obvious someone is wearing makeup, sometimes it doesn't look good. Mascara, blush, concealer, and foundation if you need it. Use eyeliner if you want, but try not to use too much, unless you want the racoon look (its some people's style).

    When you get dressed, make sure you have respect for yourself. A lot of girls show off way too much and while it can be good to show off a little bit of cleavage or leg sometimes, it's not if you're too young or if its too much.

    Go to a hair salon and ask them about what different hair cuts would do to your face. Get inspiration from your favorite celebrities (that works for clothes too) and ask about the perm. I would recommend not doing it to yourself.

    My favorite store is urban outfitters, and while i do buy things in other places, i always know that i'll be able to find something i know at uo. You'll be able to find a store that you can depend on for a lot of your wardrobe.

    If you want to emphasize your long legs, wear shorts or skirts often, or skinny jeans. Over time you will figure out what looks good on you and what are your best colors. Look in magazines like teen vogue (seventeen, nylon, whichever is mostly your style) for inspiration, and find your own style. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable, and you'll look great. I hope i helped!

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    First, perms aren't the greatest thing because they can turn out wrong: they can dry your hair out or look ragged over time. It depends also on what type of hair you have. If your hair is frizzy, I don't think a perm would be best.

    I suggest you go to a makeup store (like Sephora or something) and ask someone who works there to help you find some colors that would match your green eyes and fair skin and hair.

    And then, choose a few items like a few eyeshadow colors and a lip gloss (that will become your best friend and enhance your lips) and try them out for a few weeks. If you and your friends like it, then go with it. If not, try some other colors.

    But I really think that if you're going to play around with your look that you should keep things low-key. Meaning, don't plaster a bunch of makeup on your face. I'd suggest a light eyeshadow to apply lightly and a thin mascara...

    As for your style, if your mom says you have long legs, you'd need to show those off! Try some dark flared or skinny jeans. As for tops. What kind of tops do you wear now? If you are going to wear flared pants (wide flared pants look nice on long legs) you should wear fancier tops with laces or low trims... (example; stay away from boring t-shirts)

    But remember, if you want to attract people, I recommend keeping makeup low-key so your features are brought out naturally.

    I hope this helps!! (: Good luck!

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  • 3 years ago

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    Don't do a perm by yourself because you could end up permanently ruining your hair. As far as makeup earth tones will look great with your green eyes because it's a huge contrast and it still looks subtle if that's what you're going for.

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    be yourself and the rest will come naturally,

    dont dress too um slutty, or else ppl will thin k you are too ....

    dont dress because other people like the style, but because you yourself like the style

    you cant live up to peoples expectations for the rest of your life,


    because it is your life and not just some high school protocol designed by everyone.

    Source(s): just go shopping with mom or someone and find something you like, and go for it, just watch out what you wear.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Ummm School is for learning not who looks the best and i just got out of highscool recently and the way you look is the last thing anybodys thinking about but n e way wear some Gucci or something idk

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  • 1 decade ago


    this is the new look!


    it will also make you look more mature :)

    and gorgeous with your description!!!

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