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How Can Vitamin K & C Help With Menstrual Cycles?

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    Vitamin K is often referred to as the 'blood clotting' vitamin because that is the task most commonly associated with it. Blood clotting is needed to help wounds heal and Vitamin K is needed to help regulate and form the coagulator factors that clot the blood. Vitamin K cotrolls bleading during mensturation periods.

    Women who experience heavy bleeding during their menstrual cycles are sometimes treated using Vitamin K. In postmenopausal women, Vitamin K can prevent the onset of osteoporosis by helping to increase bone mass.

    Vitamin C with bioflavonoids: also help women in controlling excess bleading during periods. Help to strengthen blood vessels and capillary walls in the uterus is achieved by taking Vitamin C.

    Regular intake of these Vitamins K and C also give lot of many more benefits and help women to be free from menustral crampsm which are very annoying for them.-

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