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10 year old stealing because older sister made her do it. moms: what would you do?

i got a call from my daughter's friend's mom. the mom said my 10 year old daughter stole all of the money from her piggy bank when she was at her house today. of course i asked my daughter about it and she clearly was lying about it. she knew she was going to get a spanking and a good time-out for it. i told her if she didn't tell the truth she would get another spanking and double time-out. she wouldn't come clean and admit it and then i made her empty her pockets in front of me. out came over 14 dollars in change and i knew it wasn't hers. i immediately turned her around and gave her a good spanking and marched her straight to time out. i didn't give her another spanking for lying. one spanking was enough. after she stopped crying i had a talk with her. she says it wasn't her fault and that her big sister (my 12 year old) made her do it. we talked more and her big sister definitely had everything to do it and has even done something like this on her own about a year ago. now, my older one is out for the next couple of hours, but of course i will be speaking with her when she gets home and she will definitely be punished. at 12, i have tried to move away from spankings but it seems that grounding really doesn't phase her. she doesn't even care if i take her phone. so i'm not sure what to do.

my ten year old feels that she learned from her punishment and i know she doesn't want another spanking from me for stealing. my two daughters will be going to return the money and apologize to the young lady they stole from.

should i give my 12 year old the same punishment as i did for the younger one? should she get a harder spanking (maybe pants down) and a longer time-out? what would you do if your daughters did the same thing?

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    No I don't think you should spank the 12 year old as your 10 year old daughter is old enough to be able to take responsibility for stealing and not blame her sister; even if her sister did encourage her to do it she's old enough to say no. It was her choice to steal, so she's the only one should be punished. The 12 year old certainly shouldn't be punished harder as that would be very unfair, also would probably cause her to resent her sister.

    My sister's younger than me and as children I was often spanked for things that she had done and I always resented her and now as adults we are not close at all.

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    This Question is two days old and i think that you solve your problem. But i will tell you what i would do with mine childs.

    First i have a serious talk with the 12y old. I would hear her opinion about whats going on.

    If i foend out that hr littel Sister tell the truth i would give her the same punishment. Not more and not less.

    What have you do?

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    No i was younger and bout 11 my parents would spank me and i would laugh i wouldnt take the punishment serious. And time outs?! I would ground both of the daughters and have a serious talk with them about why they did that if u would'da asked i could have bought itg for you?!

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    Yes, you should definitly spank the 12 year old. Yes, her pants should come down. You should probably also use a paddle or belt so that it is effective. Don't put her in time out. Ground both of them for a couple of weeks.

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    Yes i think your 12y old deserve a spanking. I think she have a littelbit fun to take her littel sister in trouble it wasent good if they go away with it.

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    I have a good answer for you, but unfortunately you only want answers from moms.

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    You spank and give a 10 year old time outs? honey, its time to grow up. your kid isnt 4. Time to start grounding.

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