Please comment/rate these names?

***NOT PREGNANT*** What do you think of these names, please comment/rate them


Kayra Adele (Kayra after a friend)

Devin Lizette

Gabriela Monique

Daniella Nicole

Vanessa Lauren

Casandra Lynn (Casandra after a friend)

Yasmine Hannah

Christina Elizabeth

Natasha Christine

Michaela Brooke (Michaela and Brooke after my friends)


Eric David

Parker Michael

Christian Xavier

Richard/Richy James

Gregory Robert

Mason Travis

Nathaniel Evan

Bailey Carter(Yes, Bailey for a boy-like it originally is)

Jadon Eric(spelling of Jadon stays)

Joseph/Joey Braden -or- Joseph/Joey Brennan

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    Kayra Adele- Kayra reminds me of my step son's half sister named Kyra. i'm not a huge fan of these trendy-esque names. Adele is lovely!

    Devin Lizette- I cannot stand Devin on a girl, it's horrid. Lizette is pretty but i prefer it spelled Lisette.

    Gabriela Monique- lol i think her parents must be confused. i prefer the proper spelling of Gabriella, so as not to be confused with the masculine boys name Gabriel. Monique is not my all.

    Daniella Nicole- this is pretty but at the same time boring. both names are VERY common.

    Vanessa Lauren- LOVE Vanessa. V names for girls are my favorite letter. Lauren is oaky.

    Casandra Lynn- again i dont like the spelling i prefer the proper Cassandra, but i have a *very* negative association with this name and i really dislike it. Lynn is boring filler.

    Yasmine Hannah- it doesn't flow well at all.. i love both names just not together.

    Christina Elizabeth- this sounds VERY Catholic to me for some reason. i love both names but the flow is off here. just slightly. i think i'd prefer Christine Elizabeth.

    Natasha Christine- very pretty i really love this one.

    Michaela Brooke- love that Michaela is spelled properly!!! you rarely see that anymore (ironically making it more unique than Mikayla, Mykayla etc) I've never liked Brooke... kinda boring to me.

    Eric David- ehhh...both are super common. nothing special. i really love David though i'm biased as it's my oldest son's middle name.

    Parker Michael- love Parker, but prefer it as a middle name. Michael is boring!! everyone and their dog knows a "Mike" or "Mikey".

    Christian Xavier- ohhh love it! i'd love it better if it was Xavier Christian but it's still very nice. and i prefer the spelling Cristian, (since i'm not religious)

    Richard James- nice strong masculine name. kinda dull, but very nice all the same. Richy i don't like the spelling i prefer Richie.

    Gregory Robert- the flow is off for me....i prefer Jeffery/Geoffery over Gregory anyday. Robert is a nice strong masculine name.

    Mason Travis- it flows very well to be honest, but i still dont like it much. i just dont like Mason or Traivs. Mason was ruined for me 9 yrs ago when my cousin named her DAUGHTER that. Travis sounds a bit "red-neck".

    Nathaniel Evan- it's nice, but flows better as Evan Nathaniel. now that i love.

    Bailey Carter- FINALLY Bailey on the right gender...i think i might cry! lol Carter is cute, and while i love surnames as firsts i think this is over kill...both are surnames. so i'd pair it with a more traditional first name such as Bailey Thomas, Bailey Christoper...etc.

    Jadon Eric- well the spelling of Jadon SHOULD stay, it's the proper Hebrew spelling and i'm tickled pink to see it!! love this name...very strong and masculine.

    Joseph Braden- love Joseph, dont care for Bradon...sound abrasive to me. it just rubs me the wrong way, always has.

    Joseph Brennan- omg....i'm stealing this for my favs joke! it's DARLING! i was about to ask a question about a middle name for Joseph, but this is just awesome. lol, you saved me 5pts.

    Source(s): Obsessed w/baby names, Military Wife & Mother of 4 (13 y/o son, 11 y/o son, 3 y/o daughter & 2 y/o son)
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    Kayra Adele (Kayra after a friend): 3

    Devin Lizette: 1

    Gabriela Monique: 10

    Daniella Nicole: 10

    Vanessa Lauren: 8

    Casandra Lynn (Casandra after a friend): 9

    Yasmine Hannah: 10

    Christina Elizabeth: 9

    Natasha Christine: 3

    Michaela Brooke (Michaela and Brooke after my friends): 3


    Eric David :4

    Parker Michael: 10

    Christian Xavier: 1

    Richard/Richy James: 1

    Gregory Robert: 1

    Mason Travis: 8

    Nathaniel Evan: 10

    Bailey Carter(Yes, Bailey for a boy-like it originally is): 1 I agree with you on Bailey being a boys name but I just don't like the name at all.

    Jadon Eric(spelling of Jadon stays): 8

    Joseph/Joey Braden -or- Joseph/Joey Brennan: 1

  • Kayra Adele (Kayra after a friend) - lovely

    Devin Lizette - no way !

    Gabriela Monique - ew , gross

    Daniella Nicole - too common, ugh

    Vanessa Lauren - hmm

    Casandra Lynn (Casandra after a friend) - cassandra's nice

    Yasmine Hannah - yasmine is good

    Christina Elizabeth - prefer the spelling, kristina

    Natasha Christine - no

    Michaela Brooke (Michaela and Brooke after my friends) - no way


    Eric David - eric is ok

    Parker Michael - parker is like peter parker lol

    Christian Xavier - no, hate religion

    Richard/Richy James - too old fashioned and d1ck would be the nickname

    Gregory Robert - like the shop greggs

    Mason Travis - mason i swear is a girls name

    Nathaniel Evan - okay

    Bailey Carter(Yes, Bailey for a boy-like it originally is) - yeah, alright

    Jadon Eric(spelling of Jadon stays) - lovely , but prefer the spelling Jayden, even though you said spelling stays

    Joseph/Joey Braden -or- Joseph/Joey Brennan - no

  • Kayra Adele: Cute! Kayra Adele flows quite nicely and it has the potential to age well. Rating: 6/10

    Devin Lizette: Nice. I can't say that I really like either of the names, though. Rating: 3/10

    Gabriela Monique: Gabriela has been growing on me, but I prefer 2 l's. Monique is nice, but it's not my taste. Rating: 3/10

    Daniella Nicole: I've never been fond of Daniella, never sounded appealing. Nicole has been growing on me as a middle name. Rating: 3/10

    Vanessa Lauren: I've never found Vanessa to be very appealing. Lauren is nice though. Rating: 4/10

    Casandra Lynn: Casandra is nice! I like that's it after Cassie, she's a nice girl! Lynn is also nice, but I don't much care for it. Rating: 4/10

    Yasmine Hannah: Never liked Yasmine, it has reminded me of the birth control :-p Hannah is my name! I don't much care for it, but it's cute. Rating: 3/10

    Christina Elizabeth: Christina has really been growing on me. I think it's so pretty and it's definitely not popular. Elizabeth is a name that I have never liked. Rating: 5/10

    Natasha Christine: I don't like either name, to be quite honest. Rating: 2/10

    Michaela Brooke: I like that you're spelling Michaela the proper way, but I honestly don't like it and I think it doesn't age well. Brooke is great (: Rating: 2/10

    Eric David: I don't really like Eric. It has never appealed to me and I knew this creepy guy named Eric; Kinda ruined the name for me. David is cute! Rating: 3/10

    Parker Michael: I know a cute little boy named Parker, but it has still never appealed. Michael is common, but nice. Rating: 3/10

    Christian Xavier: I don't like either name, honestly. Rating: 0/10

    Richard James: Richard would have special meaning to ME, but since kids are cruel I'd NEVER use it. James is so nice. Rating: 1/10

    Gregory Robert: Now this is a name you never hear! I don't like it but I think it could grow on me! *Greg. Gregory. Greg. Hmm* Robert is a name I've always hated. Rating: 3/10

    Mason Travis: I love the name Mason. It's just so masculine and handsome. Travis is just okay. Rating: 4/10

    Nathaniel Evan: I prefer just Nathan, but Nathaniel is fine. I also prefer Evander to Evan, but it's okay. Rating: 3/10

    Bailey Carter: I know the cutest little boy named Bailey so I just adore it! Carter is nice, but I think a better middle name could be found. Rating: 7/10

    Jadon Eric: I don't like either name. I know Jadon is the traditional spelling, but I don't like the name at all. Rating: 0/10

    Joseph Braden: Joseph is a name I've never liked. Braden is my brother's name, so I find it tolerable. The name flows incredibly well, though. Rating: 2/10

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    I love the name Natasha Christine

    Joseph Brennan

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    Too boyish

    Too High School Musical

    Boring and typical

    Pretty and mature

    Pretty, but cheesy with the Lynn




    Boring, old.

    Nah, doesn't have that spark.


    It's ok, but please don't call him Richy. James Richard is better.


    Yes! I love the name Travis.


    No WAY.

    Hmm, interesting.

    Joseph Brennan

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    Great names, i just dont think bailey is much of a boys name anymore, just girl. Theyre all great thou!

  • 1 decade ago

    vanessa's my cat's name

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