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Teens-What's Your Favourite Movies?

Whats your favorite movies?

and what kind do you usually watch?

i love romantic movies <3!

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    i like a lot: bring it on (all of um), twilight, new moon, 50 first dates, mean girls, mall cop, dance flick, boo, the unborn, just my luck, wild hogs, transformers 1&2, eagle eye, 17 aging, angus, thongs & perfect snogging, & the proposal & a lot of other stuff

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    My all time favorite movie is The Notebook! I love that movie so much, I've seen it like 20 times:)

    I usually watch horror movies to try and get scared, but they don't scare one bit and they are usually stupid. Other than that, romantic movies are probably my second most watched!

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    The Green Mile

    Kill Bill

    Amityville Horror

    The Hangover

    Brokeback Mountain

    The Shining

    I like anything with a good story line and a morale (The Green Mile, The Shining), comic relief (The Hangover) or a beautiful forbidden romance (Brokeback Mountain). Lately I have loved assassination movies (Kill Bill) :).

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    Where The Heart Is, The Man in the Moon and Girl, Interrupted. I usually watch lifetime movies

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    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

    The Brothers Grimm


    500 Days of Summer

    Those are my top 5. I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of any right now. I usually watch any kind of movie (even documentaries), but I most often enjoy historical fiction / fantasy / serious romances.

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    I don't watch movies much, but I love the first to third Harry Potter movies. They cut out way too much on the ones after that.

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    I love the cheesy romantic kind like 27 Dresses etc.

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    harry potter [except no. 5]

    batman begins

    the dark knight

    ferris buelers day off

    forrest gump


    edward scissorhands

    the nightmare before christmas



    pirates of the caribbean


    mean girls

    and obviously loads of kids disney movies like the little mermaid and such...

    i'm open to all kinds of movies, as long as they have a good storyline


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    I have a lot: Twilight, Sixteen Candles, 27 Dresses, A Walk to Remember, Stardust, and Click.

    I usually watch romance movies, comedies, and tear jerkers, but my favorites are rom-coms :)

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    My favourite is Titanic. I love it.

    I also love most comedies. I like a good laugh. And I also like horrors (but only if I'm watching them with someone else)

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