Which Blu-ray Player has the best/highest/most stable Blu-ray disc playback compatibility?

Recently, I bought Inglourious Basterds on Blu-ray. When I put it into my Blu-ray player(a Samsung BD-P1400), it loaded once, reached a Universal Studio's menu language selection page, then loaded again before it reached an infinitely looping sequence of clips from the movie itself, with music playing.

I assume that would be where the Main Menu options(Play/Audio/Scene Selection/Special Features) are the appear normally, but instead nothing appears, and the disc locks. If I press "Play" on the Blu-ray player controller, a 'no entry' sign appears at the top right hand. If I press skip, main menu or disc menu on the remote, again that same logo appears. Upon further investigations, I found that almost everyone with the same problem as I do were using the Samsung BD-P1400, while others who used it faced different problems as well.

Also, I heard that the BD-P1400 was discontinued by Samsung due to numerous problems and faults, so I've decided to buy a new Blu-ray player. But I want a player that can play everything, and assuming future releases of Blu-ray discs have a different playing format, the company supporting it will release a firmware promptly(preferably before several new releases become unplayable).

Does anyone have any suggestions of which brand and model to buy? Samsung BD-P1400 is absolutely out of the question, and unless you would absolutely swear by a certain Samsung model you have that can play all the new releases and has lasted you for [x period of time], I think I'd steer clear of Samsung for awhile too.

That being said, I need a Blu-ray player with support for Blu-rays released as far back as 2006(Fantastic Four, etc) as well as future support for incoming Blu-rays. DVD backward compatibility is a plus, and will be taken into consideration, as will loading times for the Blu-ray player.


I did the Samsung BD-P1400 Firmware update, which was released in 2009, and tried playing it but it still had the same problem.

Someone else on a forum spoke to a Samsung customer service rep, and she couldn't provide any help.


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    If you can afford I would recommend OPPO BDP-83

    - Universal Blu-ray disc player providing playback for a myriad of video formats

    - Supports Blu-ray, SACD, DVD-Audio, DVDs, and CDs

    - Two USB ports allow for playback of media stored on a flash drive


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    You might just need a firmware update from Samsung. I have an older Panasonic player model BD-10 which is one of the first blu ray in the market and have had no problem. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on blu ray disc player. The best entry level blu ray player in the market today are the Panasonic BD-60 and the Sony PS3 and at mid range are Panasonic BD-55, LG-390, Samsung 3600 and the OPPO. A year ago I purchased a couple of Panasonic BD-35 (which was replaced by the BD-60) for my kids for christmas and have had no problems. Hope this will help you out.

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  • 4 years ago

    The nice advantage that the PS3 has over any Blu-Ray player (apart from the games), is that Sony makes firmware upgrades to enhance your Blu-Ray experience. Just two weeks ago, Sony added the Picture in Picture functionality and the Blu-Ray profile 1.0 and profile 2.0 - this is functionality which no other Blu-Ray player on today's market has - and current Blu-Ray players will never have as they do not have the option to upgrade firmware like the PS3 has. To sum up, if BluRay capabilities change Like they have done this past month), Sony can modify the PS3 to match that. You cannot do that with a Blu-Ray player

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    I have and I know several people with various Sony players and the worst that any of us have had to do is load a firmware upgrade.

    In fact, I would double check the Samsung support page and see if that is perhaps the problem in your case.

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