The chrysler manual says to use ATF+3 in the transfer case so what fluid should I use by modern standards?


2000-2001 dodge dakota slt 5 speed manual 4wd

Update 2:

This is for the transfer case.

Update 3:

It says in the book dexron 3 or atf+3 but atf+3 was recomended so will atf+4 work or no?

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    ATF+4 is an upgrade for ATF+3. ATF+4 meets most of specs of ATF+3 and is a direct replacement in most Chrysler products the exception being some Jeeps. The ATF+4 was developed to try an extend the life of the fluid. The lubrication properties are almost identical. If you plan to do regular changes the ATF+3 should be just fine.

    In the 1980's manual transmissions and T cases started switching to ATF especially on the lighter duty applications like cars, SUV's, and light trucks. If you have a transmission or T case that was designed for ATF using gear oil could cause serious damage and is not helping your mpg. Same if yours was designed for gear oil and you use atf. Beware of 'auto 4x4' t cases, they often use a very special fluid and get very expensive to repair if you use the wrong stuff.

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  • mike p
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    Not sure about chrysler but my Tahoe 4X4 uses Automatic Trans Fluid in transfer case. I think ATF+4 is the replacement for the ATF+3.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get thoughts of ATF out of your head. there is a reason its called AUTOMATIC tranny fluid. If you have a manual transmission, you're looking for gear oil, just like with a rear end differential. Any auto parts store can tell you how much and what thickness you need, and you can always look in your vehicles manual to confirm *I do this when I'm not positive because I have too much faith in mankind's ability to make mistakes, especially with computers*

    Source(s): Toyota Mechanic
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  • 1 decade ago

    gear oil goes in manual transmission go to any parts store ask for help they can look up what and how much

    is not atf

    automatic transmisson fluild = ATF

    its gear oil

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