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increase by 還是 increased by

increase by 還是 increased by ???


Companies with training programs see production increase by 15 to 20%.

Chinese stock market expected to increase by 35% in 07

何時該用 increase by 何時該用 increase"d" by


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    1. increase by + 增加的幅度

    2. increased by (被動語態) + 名詞 (指由某人或某物增加)


    第一句的increase by 15 to 20%翻作"增加了15-20%"

    第二句的increase by 35% in 07翻作"在07年增加了35%"

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    如果句子是使用increased by N.,這時候就得根據前後文來判斷是使用被動語態還是過去式,判斷的依據是看後面接的名詞和句子本身的意思搭配起來何者較適當

    舉例:increased by 25% 明顯是使用過去式

    increased by the company 則是被動語態

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    Companies with training programs ... S

    see ..... V see為知覺動詞,接了受詞之後,須另加受詞補語

    production ...O

    increase ...OC 表事實時,要用原形動詞作補語

    by 15 to 20%. 介係詞片語

    Chinese stock market...S

    expected ..Vt

    to increase O 不定詞當受詞 to+原形動詞

    by 35% 介系詞片語


    increased 後面直接接介係詞片語的話,那就是不及物動詞的寫法,而且己


    Company's production with training programs increased by 15 to 20%.

    We found that Chinese stock market had increased by 35% in 07.

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