i need help or advice with 2008 income tax filed wrong by tax services please?

last year was my first year filing my income taxes with my husband and our fist son so we went to a tax service that i was recomended by my sister the guy doing our taxes had several diplomas and everything for filing taxes and i trusted that so at last he askd us to verify our dob and social security and if it was correct to sign it, so i just recently got a letter from the IRS saying i have a balance of $1,849 cuz my tax papers where not filed correctly that and advanced amount was not filed on that papers so theres nothing i can do, me and my husband are unemployed and i go to school so my question is why do i have to pay for someone alses mistake i paid him to do my taxes his the pro that filed my taxes wrong can i like sue him for his mistake? at least 1/2 f that amount since i do unds. i went on vacation with that money but i wounldnt o went if i know that i really didnt have it . so im askin anyone with this kind of experience to please help me out the answer would be very aprecciate it.. thanx

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    Sorry but you and your husband are at blame here, regardless of how many diplomas the tax preparer had in display. It is your obligation to review your return and ask questions. A tax preparer files taxes with the information you provide, so how is he at fault. Have you contacted him? What did he say? Is he willing to review your return, and verify that the letter is correct?

    After you talk to the preparer and find out you do owe all you have to do is reply to IRS, follow instruction on the letter on how to reply or correct your return, After that if you still owe then either contact IRS by phone at 1-800-829-09922, or write IRS or download Form 9465 Installment Agreement Request from the IRS website www.irs.gov. The minimum payment IRS will accept is $40 per month (IRS grants 60 month installment agreement) interest and penalties continue to accrue until you full pay the amount owed. If you can't pay, since both are unemployed then contact IRS explain your situation and they can label your account "currently not collectible". but you must contact IRS and explain why you can't pay, don't ignore the IRS or any bill collector, No one knows your situation, and without an explanation from you, they will think you are just refusing to pay.

    Good luck; when you file your 2009 tax return IRS will offset your refund to the debt if your account has been assessed. If you just got the letter that you owe for 2008 and you have 30 days to respond, then your account doesn't show you owe yet, so file now so you can get your refund.

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    If Advance EIC was omitted, you MUST pay it back now.

    The IRS policy is that you can blame the preparer all you want, but it is ultimately your tax bill and you have to it back yourself. You can ask the preparer (if you can find him) to pay the penalty, but all he might do is ask the IRS to waive it--and you can do that yourself.

    You must realize that if the item had been included in the first place, your refund would have been that much smaller.

    You can ask for a payment plan, but if your refund for this year will cover it, the IRS *will* apply it to the debt.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In the extremely unlikely event that he actually made a mistake, you may be able to sue him.

    In nearly all cases, when taxes are filed incorrectly, it is because the customer neglected to give some important piece of information to the tax preparer, not because of a mistake by the tax preparer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can request an audit.

    In the audit, your tax preparer must be there to defend what he did. That is part of the reason you paid him to do your taxes.

    The IRS will set up a payment plan for you.

    Make sure you report this tax preparer to whatever organization accredited him.

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