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Poll: What is your opinion on the whole Conan and Jay Leno drama?

I couldn't care less really. I like Conan better and Jay is just stale.

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    Jay Leno should have been mature enough, and a decent enough human being, to bite the bullet and just let his show get canceled. For real. He has *Plenty* of money and could retire handsomely to his 80-odd cars. He said he was going to let Conan have the Tonight Show--he should have *honored* his word and ditto with NBC.

    Or, at the very least he could have offered to go on *after* Conan, sharing an hour with Fallon.

    But nooo..... o__O

    I think this pretty much underscores the problem with NBC/Universal. When the Writer's Strike hit, they lost their nerve, and their *will* to promote their new material, and their *will* to actually have and use good leadership. They have all the talent in the world, and not *one* clue how to use it. For too long their answer to everything has been "do another Law & Order spinoff", while they cancel _My Name Is Earl_ for making good ratings (and for being totally different from the rest of their lineup).

    If anyone there had half a brain, they'd keep Conan and either ditch Leno, or give him something supremely low-profile, either around the Jimmy Fallon timeslot or on the weekends. The problem was that Leno was killing the ratings (in the worst way), going *into* the late-night *news* broadcast *before* Conan. Why folks aren't getting this is beyond me.

    It's like nobody at the top at NBC/U has a brain. Or if they do, it's elsewhere.

  • Conan should stay,Jay Leno should fade into oblivion

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    Conan deserves better. Jays show should be pushed to 12:05

    i like conan better tho. jay... hes ok... but....... meh

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    Conan's funnier than all late night combined.

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    I like both of their shows, but differently.

    conan should stay and leno should stay

  • I don't watch either so I don't really care!!

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