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Giving 18-mon-old menudo?

would it be okay to give my daughter menudo? she has no allergies that i know of, but would it be too spicy for her and give her indigestion? Have you ever done this with your toddler?

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    Not a worry as long as any large pieces are cut up - fatty meats can be choking hazards. My kids ate everything (salsa, curries, etc.) that we ate, once we tried them out on the ingredients to check for allergies, and now are really great eaters. My friends have picky eaters who only eat "plain" foods, but my kids never knew anything else and have great palates and are adventurous eaters.

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    No, its not too spicy, but if she refuses to eat it I would not force it, try a little bit if its her first time so you can see her reaction to it, wait a little while then if nothing happens you can continue.

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    ikd but menudo is really good

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