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Piercing nipples at home?

I'm not old enough to go have a professional legally pierce my nipples, which means I'm also not old enough to but a piercing gun over the internet with a credit card.

so I'd like to get friend to do it.

how do I go about doing so?

I'm aware of the risks, and I'm not sure if I'm going to do it or just wait a little, but I'd like to know how. so only answers regarding the actual process, not lecturing on dumb choices.

Thank you.



I think nipple piercings are hot, I don't give a damn what the guys you know think, i know plenty of guys and girls who find it attractive.

I don't think it's going to change how often i ''show off'' my ****, it'll just become part of my sex life. if a guy decides he doesn't want to **** me because of it, it's his loss.

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    First of all, not being able to buy a piercing gun is a good thing, since using that on your nipples could end tragically.

    As always, I would recommend getting your nipples pierced professionally, but it is possible to do it carefully at home. Just follow these steps (you may want a friend to help):

    1. Purchase a 12 or 14 gauge piercing needle and barbell (clamps as well, if you want an easier piercing).

    2. Boil the two to sterilize them.

    3. Wash your hands and nipples thoroughly.

    4. Use ice to get your nipples hard.

    5. Use your clamps or fingers and get a firm grip on your nipple, leaving a horizontal hole for the needle to slide through.

    6. Use a marker to mark dots exactly where you want the needle to pierce.

    7. If you have a friend, have them push the needle through both dots. If they feel extreme resistance, do not have them push extremely hard. If you don't have a friend, do all of this in a mirror.

    8. Keep the needle partially in and slide the barbell in behind it seamlessly.

    9. Screw the ball on the other side, and adjust the jewelry so it looks right.

    10. Wipe any blood away.

    11. Repeat for the other nipple.

    Soak these fresh piercings in a sea salt solution twice daily for the first few months, continuing once daily until healing is complete (8-12 months). The correct recipe for that solution is here: . You can change jewelry after 4-6 months. After they're fully done healing, enjoy your sexy pierced nipples any way you want!

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    I know you didn't ask for this, but seriously, don't do it at home. It hurts bad enough getting it done by a professional; getting someone with no experience can cause a whole lot of intense unnecessary pain and infection especially since they can take so long to heal.

    Oh and a gun is probably a worse idea to use on your nipples, it's bad enough on ears.

    Trust me, if you really want this piercing, wait until you are old enough to get it done professionally so you will have a nice piercing. I did that and it was worth the wait.

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    Make sure your friend has the correct equipment. You can't pierce your nips with a gun. You have to peirce them with a needle that is for piercing. A sewing needle will not work!

    The needle must be sterilized. You can not use a match to do this! It won't be sterile enough.

    You must make sure you get behind the "head" of the nipple. So when you pierce it, you aren't actually piercing the nipple itself, but behind it. That is why YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS YOURSELF!

    The ring sort of fits onto the needle, which is why a sewing needle won't work. it is looped into the hole the needle made and viola, your nipple is scarred for life. You will look stupid and regret this decision forever. or until it grows out, which it will. If you are female, you could permanently scar yourself and create problems with breast feeding later. If you are a male, well, you will just look like a tool. Good luck :)

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    find someone who's had their nipples pierce, and ask if you can have their stater piercings (what they were pierced with)

    get a tack (a long one)

    a lot of paper towels

    a friend to do it for you. ( do NOT do it yourself)

    and something to bite down on

    You'll probably want another friend to hold you down

    sterilize the tack with rubbing alcohal (the tack can't be rusted)

    make sure your friend pierces quickly

    once it goes through, get the paper towels and cover it

    quickly take out the tack and replace it with the piercings

    it will bleed for a little bit, but don't worry it will stop soon.

    once it stops bleeding, use the rubbing alcohal to sterilize the wound

    wait about 4-6 weeks before taking them out again

    and sorry for saying this but you really should wait so a professional can do it

    but if you must do it now, just make sure everything is clean so you won't get an infection

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    I'm not lecturing, but I have a friend who tried piercing her nipple at home and said it was the most painful experience of her life. Just warning.

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    well, you're dumb. a piercing gun can't be used to pierce nipples anyways. you have to use a needle.. so you wasted your money. not to mention you could seriously hurt yourself and end up with no sensitivity in your nipples at all. this is a horrible decision. i had a friend, probably about this dumb, pierce her tongue with a corn cob holder, guess what? she drools on herself all the time now. don't be stupid, is a couple years worth permanant damage?

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    First of all, anything you can do to not put downward force on bodily features that look there best perky and lifted is for the best. But if you are going to do it anyway. I've also got to add that there are far more guys that like them without then with. Wait for a professional job. I have heard horror stories about nipple infections lasting months. You don't want that.

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    You really think you can pierce your nipples with a gun..? You obviously have no idea of the risks if you think a piercing gun is safe.

    If you have any common sense, you'd wait a few years to get pierced by a professional who will pierce you with the correct, sterile tools (aka not a gun).

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