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How hard is it get a 3 on the AP CALC BC EXAM?

Alright, so I am currently in AP Calc AB as a senior, and my questions are:

(1) Am I able to take both the AP Calc AB exam and the AP Calc BC exam?

(2) How hard will be to just get a 3 on the AP Calc BC exam, if I can get a 5 on the AP Calc AB exam?

The reason I asked this question, is because if I receive a 3 on the BC Calc Exam, I will not have to take Calc I or Calc II to the college I am going. Then freshman year I will be taking Calc III.

However, if I only take the AP Calc AB exam and get only a 4 or 5, I can only test out of Calc I, and take Calc II in the college that I'm going to.

Thanks ;p

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    The AP Calculus BC exams consists of:

    * Topics from the AP Calculus AB exam (about 60% of questions)

    * Additional topics that aren't covered on the AP Calculus AB exam (about 40% of questions).

    If you take the BC exam, then you will receive an AB "subscore," which indicates how well you did on the portion of the test that relates to questions at the AB level.

    Most colleges will accept the AB subscore of the BC exam as equivalent to an AB exam score. So there is probably no disadvantage in taking the BC exam. Even if you only score a 2 on the BC exam, as long as you score a 4 or 5 as your AB subscore, then you should be able to start in Calc II.

    However, this decision is up to the individual college, so it might be advisable to check just in case. However, for most schools, there is no disadvantage to taking the BC exam--if you don't earn a satisfactory BC score, then you can still use your AB subscore to start in Calc II.

    So, overall, it is probably to your advantage to take the Calculus BC exam only. If you earn a 3 or higher, great; you can start in Calc III. If you don't, then if you earn a 4 or 5 as your Calculus AB subscore, then you will still be able to start in Calc II (at most schools).

    As to the level of difficulty: The Calculus AB exam covers one semester of college calculus. The Calculus BC exam covers two semesters of college calculus. So you'll need to know (approximately) twice as much material if you want to pass the BC exam. You can find a complete list of topics in the document below (or ask your teacher).

    Source(s): http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/repos... : Official description of AP courses (includes descriptions of AB exam, BC exam, and AB subscore. See page 16 for a description of the AB subscore of the BC exam.)
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    relies upon. How good are you at math? For me, i could evaluate myself rather respectable at math, so AP Calc BC became probable my easiest AP classification out each and all of the AP training I took for the period of severe college.

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