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I love meeting other Janet Jackson fans?

What is your favourite songs from Dream Street, Rhythm Nation 1814, Control, 20 Y.O., The Velvet Rope, and Damita Jo?

I wish there were more of them on here, anyway thank you for answering.


*are, not is

lol I sound retarded

Update 2:

Kerry, lol ikr?

I only selected my favourite albums lol

I didn't put Discipline, janet. Janet Jackson, All for You, and her Design of The Decade

You still count, I'm happy to meet you.

Update 3:

Kerry, It's from The Velvet Rope

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    I've been watching her interviews with Tyra Banks all day lol

    I haven't got Dream Street because I cannot find it anywhere. State of the World maybe from RN, Control, Call on me/Feedback from 20y.o Got Till it's gone, I haven't got Damita Jo either. Man I sound so bad :S

    Does this answer even COUNT because you've already met me!

    HEY you forgot the janet. album!

    Youtube thumbnail

    &NR=1 - sorry to be a pain but I was wondering what album this was off of? Is it from Discipline? I like it.

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    Modonna, under no circumstances heard of him/her. Madonna became sturdy some time past while until eventually now she grew to grow to be a MOMonna. Is she nevertheless grabbing onto Oprah's coat tails? Janet Jackson became sturdy some time past while she sang in English. yet because of the fact all her new stuff is in Swaheli or in spite of language, she is a waste of time, and money. Michael Jackson is a pedophile that should be hung by the throat until eventually lifeless.

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