Elementary school, Middle school or High school?

& what was your favourite grade? (:

Middle school for me

and grade 7 was the best xD

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  • shabo
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    1 decade ago
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    Middle School.....that's when I got good grades and made the best friends. :D

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  • *HM*
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    1 decade ago

    They've all been fun, with mostly good things and just a few bad things about each one. But I think I'd still say elementary and middle school were better, just because they were more stress-free. High school has been fun, but there is just a little more stress involved because your grades start to really count and you really have to make sure you do well in your classes. You have to start thinking about your future and college and whatnot, and it can be overwhelming. Elementary and middle school were a little more carefree. I can't pick between elementary and middle though, because they were both so much fun for me! I guess I could say elementary since it was the easiest and I had the least amount of homework, haha. And since pretty much everyone was friends and there weren't a bunch of cliques and stuff. You could just go up to anyone at recess and play, and the wouldn't judge you. Even though that kind of stuff gets pretty common in middle school (cliques, people being judgmental, etc.), I managed to escape that since I just stayed with my friends and didn't try to hang around the "popular" crowd. I've heard that a lot of people had a horrible time in middle school, but I actually had a lot of fun. I just had really awesome friends, and I loved most of my teachers in middle school too, so that was also what made it good.

    I've had a lot of good school years, and I can't possibly pick one, so I'll just pick one from each school. 4th grade was my best year of elementary school, 7th grade was by far the best middle school year, and so far, I think my senior year has been my best high school year (I'm a senior right now). Junior year was pretty good too though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, I'm in the eight grade right now. And, I completely hated middle school. It was horrible. In my opinion, most kids are just so immature and mean at this age. I can't stand being around them. The only thing I liked about middle school was meeting some of my best friends.

    Elementary school was awesome! I had so much fun and all the kids were so nice. Everyone just seemed to have no worries and we were all friends. I actually loved going to school back then. I made so many friends that I still know now and it was just great.

    I am very, very excited for high school next year. I am most likely not going to the same school as all my friends because I need to go to a optional school so I can be challenged academically. I'm a little sad because I will miss them. But, I love the idea of a fresh new start!

    So far, my favorite grade was probably fourth or eighth. (:

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  • High School. The main reason is because I found out who my true friends are. Also, I discovered who I am now, and who I'm going to be later.

    Fourth grade was the best year, hands down. I had a majority of my friends in my class. The teacher was hilarious and fun. We barely got any homework. We watched a movie every other friday.

    God, how I miss the good ole' days..

    Source(s): Junior in High School
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  • 5 years ago

    Elementary school 5th grade

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  • 6 years ago

    I'm only in middle school but in 8th grade so I can't say hs. But elementary school.

    E.S-I can't chose a fav. I loved them all. Basically you just did math science writing and social studies in the morning then lunch then read the rest of the day it was not bad at all.


    6th was the best. 8th grade in the beginning was great but then they switched my teachers so now it's horrible. But last year was just bad. I hated last year. Even tho I loved my teachers

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  • 1 decade ago

    Im in 9th grade right now.

    So far,I have liked Elementary the best.

    I did nothing of work and didn't have to

    worry about grades that much.

    Best Grade in Elem. - Kindergarden :P

    Best Grade in M.S - 8th Grade

    Best Grade in H.S - N/A (just started)

    7th grade has been by far the worst grade

    ever. Somehow 9th grade too :(

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  • 1 decade ago

    i dont have middle school here. its just elementary school 1-7 and high school 8-12

    grade 1was probably the best haha. but im really loving grade 10! best year of high school so far by a land slide.

    Source(s): BUGE
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Each have had their PROs and CONs. For example..

    I enjoyed Lower School (as we call it at my school) because being so young is just perfect. You walk around without a care on your mind, no one can blame that adorable smile on anything, best friends are as simple as saying "do you want to play in the sandbox with me?", teachers are paid to be sweet, getting high was seeing who could swing the highest on the swings, and finally, drama only involved plays and musicals.

    I enjoyed Middle School because I was finally old enough to be aware of things and understand everything; however, I was still the perfect age where I couldn't get into any huge trouble. I disliked it because people were starting to figure out who they were, causing disagreements, drama, and other dilemmas. Plus all of the guys I knew over at our brother-school began experimenting with drinking and drugs. 7th grade was the hardest year for me, especially because I had a falling out with my friends and spent most of the year with only two or three friends.

    I am still in Upper School, and currently I'm liking it a heck of a lot better than Middle School. All of the disagreements were in Middle School, so friends are already established, most of the guys I know have realized drugs are pointless, I'm old enough to have responsibility, and I can stop looking for who I am, because she's right here! I dislike it because with responsibility comes stricter punishments. Plus things out of school have been really taking a toll on me, including stress, worsening my academic and athletic life.

    I'd have to say that my favorite grade was 9th grade, because I am currently in 9th grade, and things are still changing. I've always loved challenge and the smile I get on my face when I overcome something particularly difficult. The integrity of my friendships or relationships are sometimes challenges, but right now, I'm without a care in the world, and I'd love it to stay that way!

    As for my favorite division of school (lower, middle, upper, etc..), I've had ups and downs in each of them. Everyday is better than the last.

    ~ Catherine

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  • 1 decade ago

    elementary- no the lil kids will snitch on you if you do something bad

    middle school - yes

    high school- yes , but 4 classes a day that are almost 2 hours long ( gonna take band and spanish2 )

    i like 8th grade and 12th grade

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