Have you Noticed that Racial Stereotypes portrayed in the Media?

are typically polarized when it comes to the financial aspect of their fictional lives .

For example, with white people they can either be upper-class/middle America or Rednecks, with African Americans, they are either the Obamas or they are from the streets.

but what about the Latino Community? It seems like most of what is portrayed is the lower end of the economic spectrum :::: landscapers, gardeners, maids. etc. Besides the George Lopez show, there isn't much out there, probably because Mexico has its own television stations. but why is it that American television hasn't accommodated this yet? Why aren't there successful Latinos being portrayed on television?

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    Well yes, but it's up to us to beat those stereotypes. Sometimes it's funny to poke fun at our own race. Am hispanic and am certainly not a maid... People everywhere will be stereotypical it's up to us to show them that were not what they think we are...Life is too short to worry what people think it's important how we carry ourselves and most importantly how we feel on the inside

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    It's not because they are not trying to portray successful Latinos, it's that most writers, actors, directors and so on are white, so they think in white terms. Yes of coarse there are many Latinos in the business, but most people in Hollywood are white and to a lesser extent African American. Also white people are the prized demographic, white people watch white shows and then go out and buy the products they see advertised. If Latinos were a prized demographic you would see many more Latino shows. Lastly, there is the language barrier.

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    How could we not notice the racial stereotypes in the white mass media?

    In the future white men will be forbidden from writing scripts or even holding a camera.

    By the way almost 100% of all writers are white, mostly male. Even for movies about minorities.

    I wonder why?

  • Not realy. There are several Latino(a) celebrities like Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, J Lo

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  • yea, but what are you gonna do. These images have excisted for hundreds of years and people are stuck in their ways. Your right about the latino part, i had never thought of that. I think there are but they are prolly white and black latino's.

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    yes it is VERY SAD because its not true at all

    whites love to make themselves look good

    you said it right to thats the exact order it is except you forgot asians

    it goes

    WHITES upper/middle class

    ASIANS upper/middle class

    BLACKS upper/middle/lower class

    LATINOS middle/lower class

    I seen this on CNN

    oh and I noticed that they portray latinos as immigrants, poor, thugs, and always having too many children.

    As an asian american i can say that atleast they portray latinos because they dont hardly ever portray asians all we have is jackie chan

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    Yup you are totally right, and in Mexico the media portrays Mexicans white and rich, and the poor ones brown and poor.

    Source(s): Yup and we do have our own channels like univision, galavision, telefutura,telemuno, etc etc
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    yes i have noticed that ... alot

    the media is "dirty"... its full of rich raciset assholes that just want to keep us(the people) poor as they stuff there fat *** pockets with our money...

    no matter how low they get socioty still buys into it

    we need to stop this and it not about latinos or africans or whites its about rich and poor.

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    Actually, I very rarely see Black people being represented as anything close to the Obama family.

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    The media is stupid, I don't know alot of Mexicans show, which is awful. They should be broadcasted on television too.

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