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What is the American Military-Industrial complex, and what are it's effects?

please explain as many effects of it as possible.

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    It is the alliance of the military interests with corporations that make arms, weapons and the general services that makes billions by selling to the military and hoping for and encouraging war!

    When the generals and the military want to shore up their support and engage "the enemy" that is good for business, the big arms and big oil start getting rich and richer. As such, we always need to be at war and be scared by demonizing others (Vietnam, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Grenada, etc.)

    Basically, Pentagon is a mechanism for the transfer of our tax money to these corporations that benefit from war (McDonnell Douglas, KBR, Xe, Boeing, GE, etc.)

    The term was coined by President Eisenhower and more recently written about by authors like Zinn and Chomsky.

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    It is the idea that the government is outsourcing more and more military jobs to private contracting companies. And buying military supplies from private contracting companies.

    One major effect is it will increase the lobbying for war in the senate and house.

    Since these companies rely on the U.S. being at war for them to be hired, and make a profit. They will lobby for war to happen whenever there is such a discussion in congress.

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    the american military industrial complex is what keeps me safe. it allows for its people to have the freedoms we enjoy. like freedom of speech!

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    We are 100% addicted to war.

    Innocent people die, people hate us, our policy breeds terrorism.

    Source(s): A wrong strategy to the War on Terror.
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    Its effects is we kick serious butt. Its only strategy is, we win, our enemies lose.

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