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Economy Long Haul: British Airways 777 Virgin Altantic 747/a340 Aer Lingus a330?

Flying from dublin to Jfk in July 10

wondering what airline will i get a better experience on

Flying Aerlingus to heathrow and British Airways onto JFK

Flying Bmi to heathrow and flying Virgin Altantic onto JFK

Flying Aerlingus direct to JFK on their a330's?

Just Wondering !!

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    If you want the shortest possible trip, Aerlingus.

    If you really like to fly, or you get a better price, go for BA or Virgin with a connection in London. BA and Virgin have personal TV with video on demand. Not sure if same goes for Aerlingus as I haven't done any long-haul with them.

  • TJ
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    10 years ago

    Last May, I flew Aerlingus (round trip) JFK to Dublin. Both ways were very nice flying experiences with one exception. I was warned to bring an extra set of clothes with me due to the fact that the airline seems to lose more than their share of luggage. I had missed my flight from JFK to Dublin due to my connecting flight not arriving on time. My luggage did not make it to Ireland for about 5 days. Also, something to consider is that I have read that Aerlingus was having some financial difficulties.Other than what I have stated, it truly was a nice flying experience

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    I would choose BA , because i prefer flying on a triple 7 , all though the a330 is a good aircraft and quieter than the 777 , but think the 777 is more enjoyable and you will prob get better service with BA .

  • 10 years ago

    Flying Aerlingus direct to JFK on their a330's more direct and a lot less hassle

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  • 4 years ago

    British airways

  • 10 years ago

    Well i wont choose airbus... they seem to crash more often than boeings these days. But then again 777 have a habit of falling appart too. But I hate virgin... they think they are so cool, hip hop and happening... they are just trashy tacky and effectively like flying Tescoes if tescoes wre an airline. BA is so much more M&S!

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    I'd definitely choose BA out of these airlines. Much better service and cabin comfort

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Well Ba's & Va's economy seats are no bigger than Aer Lingus's economy seats, so fly direct.

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