Are there any Annie Lennox fans here?

What was her best song?

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Thanks :)

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    I can't say what was her 'best' song, but these are some of my favourites :~

    Solo :

    Little Bird


    Walking on Broken Glass



    Eurythmics :

    Who's That Girl?

    Here Comes the Rain Again

    When Tomorrow Comes

    Sweet Dreams

    Would I Lie to You?

    Don't Ask Me Why

    I was interested to discover a few years ago that Annie is actually a trained flautist...

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    Enjoyed her music both with The Eurythmics, and as a solo artist. But I've actually been a fan since well before that. Back in the late 70's she fronted 'The Tourists', a band that also featured her future Eurythmics sidekick Dave Stewart, who is no way related to the 70's Canterbury progster of the same name (Egg, Hatfield & the North, Khan, National Health, etc). 'The Tourists' released three cool New Wave albums between 1979-80...The Tourists, Reality Effect, and Luminous Basement...with the latter being my favorite of the three. Their music was comparable to that of late 70's 'Blondie', or 'The Pretenders' I suppose.

    Sadly Youtube only has a handful of songs by The Tourists, and what they do have really doesn't do the band justice...

    Here's a few songs by 'The Tourists' featuring Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart...

    I Only Want To Be With You (Dusty Springfield cover)...

    Youtube thumbnail


    Here's the full album version...

    Youtube thumbnail


    Blind Among The Flowers...

    Youtube thumbnail


    The Loneliest Man...

    Youtube thumbnail


    So Good To Be Back Home Again...

    Youtube thumbnail


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    Hmm... I really like her voice in the Would I Lie To You song actually!!

    And Walking On Broken Glass is great too!

    I love Annie Lennox, she was one of those who's style I tried to imitate when I was a kid... lol :S haha but I loved her style!


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    Hehe, yes. She comes from the same city as me, just a couple of miles away. I've just sort of warmed to her because she's a bit of a household name.

    I think Why. But the Eurythmics were such an amazing duo, too. I love their music.

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    all the Eurythymics songs are good

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    Have to go with "Would I lie to you?" when with the Eurythymics. That corset was amazing.

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