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Is it alright if my sister gets a tattoo whilst pregnant?

My sister is 35 weeks pregnant, and wanted a tattoo on her hand or wrist, would the tattooist actually do the tattoo, and will it affect her baby?

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    No. Absolutely not a good idea at any stage of pregnancy.

    A pregnant woman's body is under a lot of pressure as is, so there's multitudes of reasons why tattooing a pregnant woman is a bad idea. Tattooing is a traumatic event on the body, and causes all sorts of reactions on healthy non-pregnant people. Why anyone would put a pregnant woman in that position would be pure stupidity. Tattooing releases endorphins and other chemicals into the blood stream, increasing heart rate and stress - both very bad things for an expecting mother. Normal healthy people pass out getting a tattoo on a regular basis, and shocks to the system like that could cause premature labor and other things I don't want to find out. And on the rare occasion that an infection could occur, it would take vital resources from the womb and could spread enough to harm the baby.

    Just don't do it, no one NEEDS to get a tattoo right this second.

    Edit - Just to be clear, BBP's such as AIDS, Hep and HIV are a very minimal, almost non existent risk with a professional shop. The CDC has no documented cases of HIV transmition from tattooing since it began tracking the industry in 1985 and only 10 or 12 Hep cases every year. From a the CDC's report, it's safer to get a tattoo than visit the dentist.

    Source(s): 5 year professional tattoo artist.
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    Can you? Sure, if your tattoo artist doesn't know you're pregnant. But SHOULD you? Don't even risk it. Everytime I've gotten a tattoo they've made me sign a release form stating that I'm at least 18 years of age, have been notified of any risks associated with getting a tattoo, I'm not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I don't have any communicable diseases, I don't have any medical condition or skin condition (diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, heart conditions, etc.) that would interfere with the tattoo application or recovery time, I'm not on any anticoagulant medications, I'm not pregnant or nursing, I've been instructed on the aftercare of a tattoo, and I assume any and all risk that might arise. There is the potential risk of the dyes in the ink passing over to the baby, the risk of infection from the procedure, and the risk of an allergic reaction from the ink. Pregnant women are more at risk for infection because of all the bodily changes that result from pregnancy, and a pregnant woman's skin is more sensitive and may have a negative reaction to the inks used. It is for all of these reasons that a tattoo artist will NOT tattoo a woman that is pregnant.

  • Getting a tattoo is a shock to the body and stress levels are already high as she's pregnant so causing more stress may have a negative affect on the baby.

    My advice would be wait until after the birth....

    Source(s): Kat Von D's High Voltage Tattoo book
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    she should wait untill she has the baby its not a long away...

    Note: the ink in the blood stream is not the concern with tattoos, it is the possible blood born pathogens that can be transmitted by improperly cleaned tools. Hepatitis B, HIV, and AIDS are a few of the most common diseases spread by contact with infected blood. Because a fetus' blood circulates through the mother's body first, it is exposed to any infection the mother has. JUST WAIT!

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    Though it won't affect the baby but you should not take any risk at this stage. So I advice you not to go for it till delivery.

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    No one will tattoo her anyway, so tell her not to waste her time.

    Source(s): Shop owner, in the business 15 years.
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    No reputable tattoo artist would do it.

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    it has the potentual to enter the blood stream and yes have detremental effects on the child. i suggest you absolutly refuse to let her do it untill she consults a PROFESSIONAL. you have to remember that this is yahoo, do you really want to entrust the life of your sisters child to a bunch of poorly inforemd people?

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    It might poison her blood. DOnt do it, not now.

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