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Is Michael Moore the liberal equivalent of Rush Limbaugh for the conservatives?

Is Michael Moore the liberal equivalent of Rush Limbaugh ? Are they more alike than different?

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    i dont know..but as a liberal myself i dont worship moore, nor do i just believe everything he says or does...of course thats pretty much a liberal anyways

  • buch
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    3 years ago

    Moore, he has replaced his way of life and now eats healthful and has a private coach for an workout application. This has enabled him to lose a minimum of 30 pounds and keep it off. Rush is now returned over 4 hundred pounds, he smokes and does no longer workout. Odds are that Moore could win in a combat and Rush has the better risk of death from a huge heart attack.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Rush limbaugh just sits in a chair and rants on the radio about how Obama, illegal aliens, and Haitians are trying to take his money. Michael Moore at least makes his documentaries.

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    Until Moore donates all of his holdings in Haliburton and General Dynamics to ACORN I'd say no. He is however deeply embedded in his niche of taking liberals to the cleaners.

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  • Curt J
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    10 years ago

    Can't agree with you. Limbaugh deals with and comments on reality as he sees it. Moore on the other hand, creates reality to fit his current insanity and then makes carefully edited films to fit that insanity.

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    absolutely NOT. rush limbaugh states the obvious. michael moore has no crediblity whatsoever and says what he says to sell his films.

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    Yep pretty much. They are both nothing but entertainers who exploit the belief system of different types of people for financial gain under the pretense about educating the country as to their belief system and values.

    Limbaugh is just way more successful, and has said several times, if it were as financially lucrative to argue for the liberal side he would do it just as fervently but it's not, so he doesn't.

    Michael Moore is a wishy washy tool, who stands for nothing but what benefits him at the moment and purposefully makes movies that prey on the ideals of young impressionable liberals and fills them with half truths that they then run around parroting without fully researching.

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    Na, he actually doesn't make bigoted comments and wish a terrorist attack on our nation. He'd have to black his heart a hell of a lot more to compete with that pill popping limbaugh

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    They are sort of alike in a very different way!!!

  • xg6
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    10 years ago

    No. .Moore doesn't have the same audience as Rush, so he has less influence

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