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我以經是英国公民,住在香港,想伸請我老公同個仔8歲伸請settlement visa.但英国移民(金鍾)收了HK15,000 元後回覆是不夠現金及學歴,不批但可以上訴.但在28日內.現過了期.請問沒好的移民律司介紹及收費多少.如我比不起律司費.可以伸請什麼visa, working visa is O.K.apply in HK. 我個仔同老公可不可以用中國護照留在英国.我個仔找公校.唔該幫下手.祝大家心想事成.

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    First let me tell you why your application is rejected.

    我以經是英国公民,住在香港,想伸請我老公同個仔8歲伸請settlement visa.但英国移民(金鍾)收了HK15,000 元後回覆是不夠現金及學歴,不批但可以上訴.但在28日內.現過了期.請問沒好的移民律司介紹及收費多少.如我比不起律司費.

    First, even if you are a British Citizens, you must have enough assurance of support to apply your husband and son to UK.

    The assurance of support is created to block new immigrant to claim social security when they cannot even sustain themselve though the first couple of year.

    If you do not have any asset nor you are belong to skill worker category, you will not be able to gurantee that you and your family will not be taking social security in the near future. So the British Government refuse your visa application.

    What you can do is to appeal forthe decision, you will have 28 days as you said, if you did not apply for a appeal that mean you accepted the decision of your husband visa being refused.Right now you cannot do anything, but youcan only waituntil next year to try again. You cannot apply any visa for your husband in this year, until it reach 1 year mark with yourvisa application refusal

    如我比不起律司費.可以伸請什麼visa, working visa is O.K.apply in HK.

    If you have your visa refused by the Border Agency, you cannot apply any visa to UK for 1 year. You cannot applyany sort of visa foryour husband now, not even a tourist visa.


    Your husband and son should not be allowed to UK until the cooling off period ended, technically, youcan still use your HKSAR passport to stay in UK for up to 180 days, butyour son cannot commence study during the stay, or else he/she will need a student visa, which it cannot be done in cooling off period.

    Source(s): I am a UK Citizens, applied my Swedish wifeto UK a couple of years ago.
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    據我觀察, 英國大部分城市,村莊都發展到很完善

    意思是, 工作空缺不多,發展空間不太, 對於你小孩前途都是一般般,,

    而加拿大則相反, 新國家, 地方大, 人口小, 失業率不似高,


    雖然bilding 英國靚一百倍,,



    加拿大移民放便, 又快,,


    一個家庭, 兩個大學生, 加一個英文okay,,,




    唔明,,EMAIL ..


    2010-01-16 16:29:58 補充:



    he told me today

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    點解唔用家庭團聚 或叫你老公申請技術移民帶埋個仔呢?


    分開申請反而重貴重煩 不如想想一次過申請吧


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