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    曲名: Which One Of You

    演唱: Snoop Dogg (feat. 9 Inch Dix) (史奴比狗狗)

    專輯: Tha Blue Carpet Treatment (2006) (藍色帝國)




    Greetings Loveboys

    You inside the line of this big experience for the 2000 plus C.I.S

    (oooo)oh we still in it...Dig This!(Pimp Time)

    [Hook: (Snoop Dogg)]

    She was the type of girl to play (Which one of u bitches like me)

    I met her just the other day (which one of u bitches like me)

    She really didn't wanna gimme no play (which one of u bitches like me)

    As i walked off she just turned away (which one of u bitches like me)

    [Verse 1 (9 inch dix)]

    I saw you hangin with your friends (Which one of u bitches like me)

    They was lookin at my friends (Which one of u bitches like me)

    But which one of yall was checkin out this pimped out playa

    Girl you don't have to pretend (Wooow woow woow woo)

    Baby, I seen your homegirls jockin ma riiiideeee

    And oooh baby which one of yall will step off inside and roll away with me


    Which one of u bitches like me, which one of u bitches bitches [4x]

    [Verse 2 (Snoop Dogg) (9 Inch Dix)]

    We was at the party live (Which one of u bitches like me)

    I was tryna livin' a delight (Which one of u bitches like me)

    Then this skinny girls was everywhere

    I had to stop pause and fix my hair..hand me my mirror Joral

    She was big but she was cute (Which one of u bitches like me)

    And i know that she had major moves (Which one of u bitches like me)

    It really didn't matter what she weighed

    See cause a big girl loves to play it with a playa playa (Heeey)

    Bitches, i need your attention, who wanna ride in a pimped out cadillac

    But say (Heyy) delicious you look sweet like candy

    I gotta ride shotgun with a bad bitch in the back

    No matter what you see or baby what you saw

    If you stand tall we gonna ball through it all

    And if the police come, Don't let me take a fall




    拜託請不要提出載點要求,這樣您與我都會被扣點並被記錄 。 


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